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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Biggest Loser: A mop and a bucket

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That's what I need to wade through tonight's Biggest Loser drama -- a mop and a bucket. The opening temptation was to spin a big Wheel-of-Fortune type wheel. The contestants had to either eat what was under the lid or they could win a golden ticket that would allow the winner to divide the teams into black and blue, Jillian and Bob's teams. Everyone except Abby chose to participate.

As luck would have it -- or as the producers arranged it -- Tracey found the golden ticket. She broke up every team, except for hers (with her partner Mo) and Daniel and Shay. Plenty of people were upset with Tracey for breaking up the teams. But no one was more angry and more outspoken about having Tracey in the crosshairs than Liz.

"What do Southern women do when they get mad?" Jillian wanted to know.

"They get even," said Liz, ever so seriously.

Abby and Tracey still can't train, though by the last chance workout, Tracey was walking slowly on the treadmill.

Best quote of the night: Jillian to Dina when Dina couldn't make herself jump up on the Plio stool. "You're life is not changing today, but at least your butt will get smaller."

Then the teams had their first blue vs. black challenge: a chariot challenge. Each team had to carry one member of the team on a platform up a hill, through the mud. The winning team -- BLUE -- won videos from home. Rebecca gave her opportunity to watch the video to Dina, who is on the black team, saying "Go get that step," referring to the Plio stool. But Dina turned it down, because she had to get on that step on her own. It was a totally scripted exchange. Clean up on aisle 13!

Liz asked Danny to watch her video with her and I was thinking that her behavior was approaching inappropriate -- they are both married. But it was really Danny's video. His wife said she's lost 20 pounds and several members of her family are losing weight too, inspired by Danny's efforts on the ranch.

On to the last chance workout. Bob heads to 24 Hour Fitness with his team. No surprise there. Jillian pushes her team to the limit in an outdoor workout. She shows a surprising bit of compassion by letting Dina stop her workout even though she didn't make it on top of that stool.

In the weigh in room, can Jillian keep her win streak going?

Blue (Bob's team)
Tracey -7 (no one seemed to be happy)
Mo -6
Allen -7
Rudy -8
Rebecca -7
Liz -8
Blue team percentage of weight loss: 2.56% (43 pounds)

Abby -5
Dina -6
Amanda -6
Danny -10
Daniel -11
Shay -- Needed to lose 8 pounds to keep the black team safe. She dropped 16 pounds!
Black team percentage of weight loss: 3.05% (54 pounds)

Tracey said her head is on the chopping block because she split everyone up. But her head was in a precarious position because of her attitude and her actions for several weeks in a row. However, I had a hard time believing that the producers weree going to let her leave now. She brings too much drama to let her go.

Sure enough, as the blue team was discussing who should go, Coach Mo threw himself on the sword. He's been pulling the lowest numbers, he told them. He should go home.

I thought Rebecca was going to kill Coach Mo. She was really gunning for Tracey to go home. Rudy argued that having Mo around would be better for the team than having Tracey around. Mo is supportive and encouraging. Tracey has and likely will continue to make things insane.

Liz flip flopped from her original position and voted to send Mo home. I'm thinking she thought that Tracey is the next obvious target, so keeping Tracey one more week guarantees Liz at least two more.

Wonder what the black team will think when they see Tracey still on the ranch?

In the Biggest Loser Transformation Moment, Coach Mo had lost 76 pounds and looks great! Next week's show is Old Home week -- the remaining contestants get to go home for a week. Should be interesting.

One thing you didn't see on the show itself was me, actually exercising during several commercial breaks. I'd like to say I was inspired by the show -- and that was a part of it. But I was also feeling guilty because I had a frustrating evening and chose to feed that frustration with a Quarter Pounder (No cheese, though. That should count for something!), fries and Oreos. Why the heck did I do that?

So anyway, I spent several commercials walking up and down my stairs, doing toe touches on the steps, and simulating my own Plio stool by jumping up onto the second stair.

Do you exercise during the show? If yes, what do you do?


Vicki said...

I was sooo disapointed that they didn't send Tracey home. Do you think she's going to be another Vickie? The only exercise I did was bending my elbow and eating Turkey Hill Peanutbutter Ripple ice cream! Not good.
Enjoy your postings.

Anonymous said...

So glad I found your blog - love your reviews of the show! Anyway, yes, Tracey is crazy and I cannot understand why Mo kept giving in to her all the way up to going home for her. (I do start to wonder if some of her crazy is medically related, though with those CPK-? levels.) Amanda and Shay are both making me a little nuts, but I love the Allen and Abby, and also loving Rudy!

I think the best moment of the night was when Tracey was - finally - slowly walking on a treadmill and she turned to Rudy and said "I'm walking on a treadmill." His look was priceless! As my 13 year old daughter asked, "Does she think he's retarded and can't see that?"

Jenny McB said...

I crocheted during the show, that might count for a couple of calories. Found your blog from the biggest loser site.

I really liked everyone on the show when Tracy was in the hospital. I sure do believe it's edited, we had a MTV "real life" show at our high school when I taught, so I saw a lot of that going on.
The shame of it is that they don't need a wicked witch, just the drama of having to meet the weight and the vote off would be enough. But if it was me, I would have traded Tracy in a heartbeat, life is too short to have such turmoil. This will come back to bite them all.
PS- Baby steps, just drop the fries next time!

Anonymous said...

I am so over TBL after tonight. All the created conflict and then Mo going home has just flat worn me out ... I will no longer watch. Ever.

Anonymous said...


I'll tell ya what they do here in the south.... They talk behind your back, they will "oh bless your heart" - which actually means something else where I come from - all the while they are nice as pie to your face. And that is exactly what Liz did.

The whole thing made me sick. Proud of Black cause Tracey and Blue thought they'd never pull it out. How's that working for ya T?

Anonymous said...

I think Mo sacrificed himself because he believes Tracey is a witch and wanted to get as far away from her supernatural powers as he could!

Joanie said...

AARRGGHH!!!! I wanted to knock some heads together last night!! WHAT is blue team thinking?? They had the perfect opportunity to get rid of Tracy and they didn't do it!

I want to know how Tracy is dropping 7 pounds a week while doing basically nothing.

I think Mo was nuts to throw himself under the bus like that. He seemed upset when everyone voted him off (duh! you told them to do it!) If he thought they'd keep him there after his little speech, then he deserves to go home!

I'm using the old color scheme this week, but I know I need to make the black and blue switch. I think I'm rooting for Green Team now (I guess I'm a fan of Abby and . I'm on the fence about Pink, sometimes I like them, sometimes I don't. Brown Team is beginning to annoy me, Orange is still a favorite (good for Shay for 16 lbs! You go, girl!). I hope Dena gets on the stool soon It will help her confidence tremendously!

I hope, I hope, I hope next week, that Tracy gets sent home. She's Vickie all over again!

Exercise? LOL not me! I had a tuna sandwich and Diet a & W while watching the show.

Marine Wife said...

I DVR'd and watched it tonight (Wed.) -- wow, so much faster this way! I really had to wonder how much was scripted by the producers. Like Tracey getting the golden ticket. And Mo going home instead of Tracey. So frustrating b/c everyone wants her gone.

Maybe Mo is right and she does have some supernatural powers...nah, it's the producers

Michelle said...

I get on the elliptical machine often. This week though, I did not. Instead I did leg lifts, sat on my exercise/balance ball. I lifted dumbbells, tried some of the exercises demonstrated during the trainer tips, did ab work, so kickboxing, etc.

Sharon said...

Just watched it.
TICKED OFF. Yeah right Tracey would have won, so that was an insulting thing from the producers.

Then sending MO HOME?!!! Wtf?! I was yelling at the tv.

I still don't make it an episode w/o crying. I was very happy for Shay and her loss. Not a big fan of hers, but the #s were good.

I actually enjoyed seeing Liz's twisted side. However, I lost all "Yeah Liz!" when she voted to send Mo home. That was stupid.

The only moving around I did while watching was chasing and controlling my 2yo, which is actually intense at times.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I EAT during the show!!!! But I do feel guilty!

Alison Sweeney swore on Twitter that Tracy genuinely won the golden ticket, but that is a bit hard to believe!