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Thursday, October 8, 2009

When did this happen?

It was gray and rainy here all day. I'm not sure if the temperature ever got higher than 50 degrees. I had on a sweater and my favorite pair of cropped pants with a pair of black loafers that were well past their prime. One of the shoes had a hole in the bottom and the soles on both were peeling back from the toes.

After traipsing around in the rain long enough to have soaked both my feet, I popped into Burlington Coat Factory (AMAZING deals there!) and picked up a new pair of black loafers. But my feet were still cold. And when my feet are cold, my whole body is cold.

So when I got home, I put on a pair of socks. My intention was to just wear them at home. However, Mike and I had an appointment tonight, so I had to go back out. I wasn't about to go sock-less and freeze my feet again. And I didn't want to change into a whole 'nother outfit. So I left my socks on, put my new shoes back on and headed out the door:

dorky socks

Now, I knew that I probably looked a little silly (posted about it on Facebook), but I didn't care. I was warm and comfortable.

When did that happen? When did I start putting function over form? I love silly socks and wear them with abandon because they make me happy. I buy shoes more for how they feel on my feet than how they look in the mirror. I have been known to wear the same pair of pants twice (sometimes three times if you count the weekends) in one week because they are still clean (enough!) and they are comfortable. I rarely wear makeup and when I do, it's some tinted moisturizer and a touch of lipstick.

I don't think it's a matter of not taking pride in how I am dressed. I think it's more an issue of utility and efficiency (and a bit of the "c" word -- comfort). Does it happen to everyone? Is this a "mom" thing? Am I just one of those sorry souls in the world of fashion? Do I need an intervention?


Joanie said...

Amy, you are singing my song! I am sitting here in blue crop pants, a red TGI Fridays t-shirt, no bra and black short socks. I am comfy. I never left the house after I got home from work at 2pm, except to put the trash out at 11 pm.

I've worn make up one time in the past year and will wear it again on Saturday (both occasions, weddings)

I only own a few pairs of shoes and prefer to wear my black or brown clogs (sandals in summer).

Lord, I used to wear make up every day. When I ran a restaurant, I got dressed up all the time (I'm a waitress now and wear a uniform every day)

Momza said...

That right there is why we are virtual friends!
I'm right there with you, sis. I'm at a place in my life where comfort reigns supreme! I used to work at JCPenneys in their jewellery department--so I wore a dress, hose, and pumps everyday for years! Then I worked at Bank One, where I could wear pants and flats, now I'm a midwife and I wear scrubs and socks, sans shoes. I think this is called "evolution". lol
Make-up is only applied when I remember to do it, otherwise I'm a fresh-faced Covergirl!

Shelley said...

Geez, I read this post and thought, "Okay. Am I on Amy's blog or did I click something somewhere that took me to another place, I know not where?"

Every time I see you, you look fabulous. You have a beautiful complexion and don't need much makeup. You always have on nice businessy outfits (probably because we see each other after work) and accessories and the like.

You made yourself sound like a calico-wearing granola in this post and that's not my impression of you at all.

But I do agree that comfortable shoes mean more to me than cute ones. I prefer to have BOTH features in the SAME SHOE, but if I have to make a choice, I go for comfort every time.