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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Biggest Loser: GRRRRRR!

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Ok. Can I just say (of course I can, it's my blog) that I am SICK TO DEATH of contestants throwing themselves under the bus? Arrrrrggggghhhh! For crying out loud, let people make up their own minds based on how they perceive the game to be going. STOP saying "send me home."

Tonight it was Abby. The Black Team lost the Face Off Weigh Ins. I was thinking that either Amanda or Daniel should be a little nervous. Amanda because she walked out of the gym and has generally been a pansy this season. Daniel because he is just not putting up the kind of numbers you (usually) need to stay.

But NO...Abby starts it right off with "my journey is different than yours." And I understand. I do. Abby was on the Biggest Loser ranch to learn to live again, to learn to love again, to do more than just exist. But for crying out loud! I was royally ticked when the Black Team -- all but Danny -- honored Abby's wish and sent her packing.


Ok...deep that my little rant is over, I will say that Abby has done a phenomenal job since going home. She's lost a total of 80 pounds and looks great!

Other highlights from tonight's show:
  • Best celebrity mash up: Liz -- a cross between Paula Deen and Flo from the 80's show Alice
  • Best quote of the night: Abby, upon hearing that she'd been chosen to face off against Tracy on the scale -- "Tracy is, um, well she's crazy. Tracy's crazy so you just never know what's gonna happen."
  • Best nicknames: Given by Shay to Rudy -- Rudy the bear, the lumberjack, Paul Bunyan
  • Best celebrity impersonation: Jillian, aka Dr. Phillian, trying to get in the heads of Amanda, Abby and Shay
  • Best personal epiphany: Abby -- "I came here looking for a purpose - being present in my own life again. To have the energy to get up. I'm doing it. I can love people again. It's scary to love people when you've lost everything. I'm strong. I'm gonna live and not just exist anymore."
  • Best milestone: Rudy -- who set a new Biggest Loser record by losing 100 pounds in just 7 weeks at the ranch!
  • Best recurring theme: It's been said more than once this season -- YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE. I think that's worth putting on my mirror and my fridge and my dashboard.
Curious to hear what you all thought!


Anonymous said...

i agree. i love abby and i will miss her a lot. she was my favorite. but i love all the other contestants too. i hate when people bad mouth any of them. no one knows them personally. amanda has done great and worked out reallt hard. even jillian said she is the strongest member on her team. she had a bad day. they all have their tantrums. but so would any one with a camera in their face all the time while they are constantly straining and working out and sweating and feeling all this pressure. its your blog so write what you wish but of course taht means people who read it can respond how ever they want. and try to look at it from their perspectives. theyre all great. abby was really selfless in what she did. she got what she needed out of the show. thats whats important. the ones who need to be there are there.

Mr Dave said...

I like your blog cause its the only online site that tells me who gets kicked off before Wednesday. Black team lost again. Grrrrrrr! I wanted blue team to lose and send Vicky home...Oops my typo; Tracey. Right now, my favorites have to be Shay, Danny, and Liz, although I like *most* of the contestants. I hope they give a contestant the chance to return and I hope red team gets back in cause that elimination was real bad. But thanks for the updates; I will be sure to hit this blog next week for the instant recap.

Amy said...

@Anonymous - You're right, of course. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. That's why I welcome comments on my blog. And maybe I am being unfair to Amanda. Lord knows how I would be perceived if I were on the show and at the mercy of producers.

Abby did get what she needed from the show. I think that the weight loss is almost secondary to the real transformations that take place -- the changing of attitudes and self-imaging and other mental things that are just exhibited in excess weight. And from that perspective, Abby did what she needed to do and clearly, Amanda and Daniel still have work to do.

Sharon said...

I balled like a baby when they did Abby's farewell bit at the end. She is so amazing, and BEAUTIFUL, inside and out.

I expected Amanda to go home. I agree-I find her annoying, and she doesn't seem to be into it or something. I can't quite put my finger on it.

I feel so bad for Daniel, and I am really glad they didn't send him home.

Damn it for the blue team winning. I was getting hopeful maybe Tracy would have been gone, finally!

Liz: not crazy over this other side of hers we've been seeing. Before she was portrayed as this southern woman, NICE. Now she's trash-talking all the time and coming off as a white trash person. Fake tears?! Yeah, OK. I don't like Liz any more.

Rudy and Danny are my favorites. I love them!

Joanne said...

Another great recap and I admit they didn't give you much to work with. Driving home yesterday I was so pissed at our local radio station - they were doing a trailer and said "someone on BL breaks a record" - DUH only one record up for grabs last night - thanks so much for ruining the suspense. I adore Rudy, Danny, Alan and Daniel -- hmmm guess I like the boys (sounds like real life).

I PVR the show and speed through any Tracey interviews - the woman drives me crazy - but its not a long trip LOL.

I admit what happened with Amanda is the reason I avoided BL for the first few seasons - all I ever saw were contestants bitching about how hard, cameras, sweating blah blah blah - WHAT DID THEY EXPECT!!! (ok except the first season)

Thanks again for a great recap.

Marine Wife said...

I thought Daniel (based on his lack of performance for the past several weeks) should have been the one to go home. I hated that Abby threw herself under the bus like that, but I understood it too. Liz is definitely showing more and more feistiness, but a friend pointed out that these people are HUNGRY and tired... I'd be grumpy too! LOL
At one point early in the season, someone mentioned they were on 1200 calorie diets which is really not much at all for people of these sizes!
I really wanted to root for Tracey before the season started b/c she was a military spouse. But...she's crazy! And needs to go home!

Jenny McB said...

I liked Abby and maybe she did want to go home. But there's a little thought that is eating away at me about Danny...I think when he knows that he won't be voted off, that there might e some water loading before the weigh in. How else could his weight loss be that low? I am glad that he had a vote against him.

I wish there was less crying though, each show the tears increase.

Carrie said...

I'm with you - as soon as they sat down in the gym to talk and Abby said Her journey was different, I was yelling at the tv! I can understand her point of view and I'm so happy for her that she is finally healing, but I didn't want her to go!

I was ready for Amanda or Shay leave. Both are still driving me crazy... "America voted for me"... "I need to be here". They all need to be there!

Abby's update at the end was too much; I was crying like a baby. Loved it!

"Dr. Phillian". You kill me! Too, too funny! So proud of Rudy - he's my favorite now!

Joanie said...

I'm with you on the GRRRR, Amy! I could not believe Abby was telling everyone to send her home! Although she does look fabulous now! I'd love to hear by finale that she's dating again.

Daniel should have been sent home. As much as I like him, he's just not producing. Hopefully it's a plateau and he'll go like gangbusters soon.

I used to like Liz. Not any more. She's also creeping me out with her little love fest over Danny. She looks at him such adoration!

I was hoping blue team would have to send someone (can you say Tracey?) home. Maybe next week. Soon the teams will be disbanded, I think, and everyone will go back to their own colors.

I have to say I'm glad they didn't do couples this year. Way too much a strain when 1 part of the couple gets sent packing.

My faves now? Alan, Danny, Rudy. Stayed tuned. that could change next week!