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Monday, October 26, 2009

Looking for more great blogs to read?

Indiana's Top 50 Blogs contest is going on right now and there is lots of great content out there to read. Some of the blogs are business blogs. Some are lifestyle. Some are family blogs, like mine.

Oh, did I mention that my blog has been nominated? I have a measly 12 or so votes right now, but you know what they's an honor just to be nominated. What I'm more jazzed about is that two of the other blogs I write for -- The Indiana Insider and Fit City Indy Moms Blog -- have also been nominated.

If you want to read some great blogs, go to Indiana's Top 50 Blogs and check a few out. (Oh yeah, vote if you want!) Of course, you can also find great content in the blogs listed in my blogroll to the right.


Anonymous said...

voted for you! :)