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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Do you know where your trainer is?

My trainer is apparently at Life Time Fitness. I'm waiting to hear from him or her. The general manager contacted us (the 5 Better U challengers) today to ask a few basic questions in order to match us up with a trainer:

1.) Do you prefer a male trainer, female trainer or it doesn't matter? -- Doesn't matter
2.) What are your most preferred days that you'd be able to meet with a trainer?
i. Friday
ii. Saturday
iii. Wednesday
3.) Is there a time of day that works better for you to workout with your trainer? - Mornings
4.) Do you have any limitations when participating in physical activity? You mean other than my basic physical and mental aversion to sweating and heavy breathing unless it occurs in the privacy of my own bedroom? Oh, then no.

And do you know where the two most famous trainers are? That's right, folks. Bob and Jillian -- NBC TONIGHT at 8pm EST! I might actually try to exercise during the commercial breaks this season. Do any of you do that? What kind of commercial workouts do you do?


Eternal Lizdom said...

I saw an article on Yahoo Shine yesterday that said that doing physical activity during commercials (and not fast forwarding the ads) is a great and easy way to incorporate extra calorie burning.

I haven't watched BL in forever but might this time around. Do they encourage you to exercise during the breaks?

Eternal Lizdom said...

Oh- and I totally gave you props on my blog today...

Joanie said...

I'm the kind of gal who snacks during biggest loser. Terrible, I know!

I'm waiting to see your first blog post about TBL!!

Good luck with your new program!

Amy said...

Liz, they don't tell you every commercial to exercise. But they do usually give at least one exercise tip that can be done during the commercials. I'm off to read your blog! Thanks for the love.