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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pit stop

Hey folks! I have time for just a quick check-in tonight. School starts back up tomorrow -- lunches to be made, socks and underwear to be thrown into the dryer, checks to be written, basketball and volleyball carpools to contemplate. You know the drill.

Plus, the Better U challenge officially gets underway tomorrow too. I had a chance to be on the WISH-TV morning news today with Dee Leonard, another challenger, talking about the program. (Don't get me started on "Do I really look like that?!")

Check out the Better U widget in my sidebar and consider joining me in this effort. Also, check out my latest post on the Indy GoRed BetterU blog. You'll see that I'm still counting on rendezvousing with Denzel every morning, which means I really MUST get to bed now.

Catch up with you tomorrow!


Eternal Lizdom said...

I think you are starting to rub off on me- in a good way! I'm starting to feel the clicking... the push... the desire...

Eternal Lizdom said...

OK- I'm heading to the gym in about 10 minutes. I now have the BetterU thingee on my blog and as an app on Facebook. I set up goals and a reward for this week.

3 days at the gym on my lunch hour (but I really want to go 4, we'll see if scheduling allwos it)... and to get back on my Wii Fit... which I'm scared to do.

Reward- lunch out on Friday.

I'm scared!!

Sharon said...

Good for you, Amy! You really sound like Denzel is now a part of your daily life. Awesome.

Do you have to live in Indiana to participate? I'll check out the link now.

Oh! And is there a link to your tv appearance? I wanna see it!

Amy said...

Way to go, Liz! Awesome.

Sharon - Nope, you don't have to live in Indiana to participate. The BetterU program is open to anyone who has internet access.

Joanie said...

Go Amy! Go Amy! Go Amy!