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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Does anxiety burn calories?

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For my thoughts on meeting the personal trainer for the first time, visit the Go Red Better U Challenge blog.


Shelley said...

"....despite the fact that she is fit and blonde and upbeat -- all things that can easily make me dislike a person -- Kara was terrific."


Oh, Amy...I know this post was supposed to be encouraging, but it just sounds like HELL. Good for you for being such a trooper and being willing to do the hard work. You will see great results, I'm sure!

Joanne said...

How cool Amy!!! The realization that you aren't looking at anyone else usually means no one is looking at you. Once I learned that I had no problem with the classes at work. Check and see if they have a deep water fit class - I used to do those and you wear bouyancy thingys on your ankles so while you are doing the workout in the water you are also constantly fighting with the floaters to keep your feet down and your head up - great workout!!!

Looking forward to watching your journey. I am also keeping a weight loss blog (separate from my day to day musings). Check out the real me over there.