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Friday, February 12, 2010

It was so nice...

of the school to hold a dance on the occasion of Annie's 13th birthday!

Ok, so Annie's birthday isn't until tomorrow (February 13). And maybe the school didn't plan the dance in honor of the occasion. But it did work out nicely that we could have a sleepover where the main activity is the dance.

Most of the girls came over before the dance to get ready.

Getting ready
How many 13 year old girls can you fit into one bathroom? (Answer: 6)

Fuel for boogeying
A little fuel for dancing the night away.

Pretty faces
All set!

Speaking of nice, it was so nice...of Annie to share her birthday with her little brother -- not just tonight, but 7 years ago when he also arrived on February 13. Six years and 39 minutes after his big sister.

Robbie's harem
Make room for Robbie!

Little brother
Playing the meddlesome little brother role quite well.

I'm hoping to have him asleep in bed before the girls get home. I figure to Annie that might be the best birthday present ever. Other than getting a little brother, that is.


Eternal Lizdom said...

Love it, Amy!! Happy Birthdays and Happy Day of Birth Remembering to YOU!!

Annie said...

Great pictures! Happy birthday to Annie, she shares a birthday with my mom. :o)

Annie said...

lol! i love robbies picture!!!

Cat said...

Great pics!

Shelley said...

lol, robbie!!!!

look at that sweet face! why, he doesn't look the type to be a meddlesome little brother. hahaha