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Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fragments: Better Late than Never

Mommy's Idea

So it's 9:32pm on Friday and I'm just deciding to play the Friday Fragments game with Mrs. 4444s. I'm sure she won't mind I'm so late to the party. She's cool like that.


Darn you, Girl Scouts, and your too-hard-to-pass-up-especially-when-frozen Thin Mints. Really, curses to you.


I gave up internet Scrabble and Diet Coke for Lent. No wonder I'm in bed at 9:30pm. What the heck else am I supposed to do?


I need to find something to wear for the Go Red for Women luncheon on Friday. I think I want something v-necked and curvy. Definitely not a red cardigan and white turtleneck, which is my default. And absolutely not black pants. Gaaaahhhh! I am sick to death of black pants. Though, that does beg the question, what the heck else is there to wear?


I'm totally skewing the "average time on site" stats for the Homemade Serenity blog. That's because I LOVE her playlist. So I go to her site and keep it open in the background just so I can hear the songs. It feeds my inner granola girl.


Do you ever know you should be doing something, but you don't want to because the fact that you should be just irritates you? So you don't do it, and then when you feel all crappy because you aren't doing what you should be doing, you get more irritated? Yeah. Me, too.


That "God Wants You to Know" application on Facebook is freakishly on target. So much so that I'm beginning to think that God really is behind it. I bet He never has to call tech support.


Think that's all I've got for now. Hope it's a great weekend in your neck of the woods.


cathy said...

Sorry about the girl scout cookies!! And everyday I live the "should be doing something, but don't" post when each day goes by and my house is still a disaster! (The cookies are good though, aren't they??)
Cathy H. =)

Amy said...

Hey Cathy - Your Girl Scout cookies are long gone. I'm cursing another Girl Scout tonight. :)

Rebecca Jo said...

OK - I know you gave it up, but I have to ask - where do you play internet Scrabble at? I LOVE that game!!!!

And ...sigh... yes, the girl scout cookies are starting to haunt me too!

The Crazy Coxes said... whole life is a series of things I "should do" but am putting off.

What were you give up Diet Coke? The only thing worse would be Diet Coke AND Girl Scout cookies.

I'm waiting for my niece to bring me the ten boxes I ordered. Where the heck is she?

Cat said...

I ordered girl scout cookies before I started my diet, and they came in last week. I gave them away to a guy in my office the second they hit my hands, because I can't be trusted with Samoas.

Carolee Hollenback said...

Try selling those cookies- hard not to eat one now & then!

Stopping by from Friday Frags

cathy said...

The cookies from Molly shouldn't count anyway because they travelled the shortest distance to your house, or something like that - I think there is some Algebra algorithm somewhere that proves that (at least that is the excuse I use as I eat a whole box!) =D

Shauna said...

We don't get girl scout cookies up in Canada. that's probably a good thing, because thin mints are a huge weakness of mine.

I think you should wear gray slacks and a fooler sweater to your luncheon. :) I love my fooler sweater.

Prairiemaid said...

This is the first year we did not buy any girl scout cookies! Such a relief.

I am very guilty of the "shoulda, woulda, coulda, didn't" syndrome. Maybe we should start a self-help group.

Hope you have a great week.


Old Woman said...

Hey Amy:

This is totally unrelated to this particular blog. But last night on TLC, I watched a show called "Confessions of a Reality Show Looser". It was Eric's Chopin's story told by him. It was really good. Thought you'd like to check it out.

Janet said...

I wear lots of black slacks (less to think about when dressing). Another versatile choice is gray. Both look great with patent shoes (I wear flats and have some deep red and black). If you could find them, a really nice choice would be winter white w/ either a scoop or v-neck.

Be sure and posts some pictures. You are still inspiring me!

Nate's Mom said...

Great post. I too have a list of things I should be doing (like work right now). I also love the Words From God on FB; they do seem so fitting. And I recommend brown slacks. I have a chocolate colored pair that I love with my red twin set and red flats. I think you deserve a new outfit for Friday based on those blood level numbers. You should reward yourself in a healthy way.

Sheri in CA

Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh my goodness! You have no idea how badly I needed to laugh! Then again ... maybe you do! Anyway THANK YOU once again! (I especially loved the thought of God & Tech Support!)

Shelley said...

Oh, the "should do but keep putting off and feeling crappy" thing? I am SO there. Like, there right this very minute. :(

Frozen GS Thin Mints are of the devil. Remember this.