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Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fragments: The Sleepless Edition

Mommy's Idea

I wish I were sleepblogging right now, unaware that I'm posting my Friday Fragments at 3am because that would mean that I would actually be asleep. But alas, for the second night in a row, I'm awake at 3am. No chicken tonight, though. Just joining Mrs. 4s for her weekly Friday Fragments.

So without further delay, I give you Friday Fragments: The Sleepless Edition


Last week, Charlie failed his hearing screening at school. It's not the first time. He's got a funky double barrel ear canal, which sometimes makes hearing tricky. So I trotted him off to the ENT. When they attempted to do a more specialized hearing test, they couldn't because he had wax in the canal. Well, duh, don't we all? Oh no...not like this. I think the doc must have pulled 3 or 4 mini-M&M size chunks of wax from just one ear. It was disgusting and fascinating all at once. After he got both ears cleaned out, his hearing was much better. Now he has no excuse for not emptying the dishwasher when I tell him to.


Last week when B invited us to talk about our favorite date nights, I couldn't remember the last time Mike and I actually went out on a date. But last night, we went to a Butler basketball game -- with free tickets, which is the only way we're doing anything in this post-downsizing era of our lives. We had lots of fun, especially when I thought we were sitting next to Jared the Subway guy (false alarm) and despite the fact that our kids got locked out of the house while we were gone (thanks Kate for taking them in!).


For Catholic Schools Week this week, the kids got to go roller skating. They all had a great time, especially Robbie. One of his teachers stopped me in the hall today to tell me that SHE had a great time watching Robbie because he was SO excited -- "Look at me! I can go FAST!" Given all our struggles with Robbie and his finding his way at school, having her tell me that was a real gift. Thanks Mrs. F!


My honey-do list became a Jose-do list this week. Thanks to Vera for passing on Jose's name. He painted Annie and Robbie's rooms this week and hung the door to my pantry. Next up on the list, the garbage disposal, the screen porch, flooring in the bedrooms. Just as soon as we're double income again!


Robbie and Annie's birthdays are next week (hence the new paint in the bedrooms -- a bday gift from their great-grandmother). It's Annie's golden birthday -- 13 on the 13th, so she'll be having a sleepover. For Robbie's 7th, we're planning an at-home Lego party. A boy party in my house. Totally goes against my "no boy parties at home" rule, but I'll try anything once!


We're supposedly expecting a big snowstorm this weekend. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. But I'm totally going to the grocery store, just in case.


The Superbowl is this Sunday. I don't understand this whole "Who Dat" phenomenon. The Colts may not have a catchy phrase in the stands, but we have the goods on the field. Hope all those Saints fans are ready to drown their sorrows in Hurricanes and gumbo when the Colts are finished with them.


And those, my friends, are the sleepless frags for this week. Same place, hopefully different time, next week.


Eternal Lizdom said...

Happy FF!!

I might just have to get jose's number from you! Jeff has the ability to fix anything but doesn't seem to have the energy to start... or finish... projects!

The ear wax thing.... ew! But it's not anything you could have done anything about...

mimbles said...

I have a vague, squicked out memory of my brother having similar amounts of ear wax removed from his ear when we were in San Francisco en route from Sydney to a 5 month stay in Boulder Colorado. He had a earache and we took him to a medical centre. I'd have been 9 and he'd have been 2 years old, that must have been fun for my parents...

Sharon said...

LOL. I don't get the "who dat" thing either. We're rooting for the Colts. My son's school is letting kids cast a vote for a team w/ each can of soup brought in, and the Colts are winning BY FAR. YES!

Earwax. Ew. My dh is the same way. He's had to get his ears cleaned out like that since he was a kid. Gross, but like you said, oddly interesting, too.

We rarely get a date night, either. So glad you guys had a good time!
And that's wonderful about Robbie. :)

What is a lego party? Sounds so interesting!

Beth said...

Hope your kids have great parties! (and that mom makes it through!)

Today is Baby Girl's birthday. Her party is scheduled for keeping my fingers crossed that the pending blizzard doesn't derail it!

won said...

Wow....I will have a 13 year old next week, too.

Yikes, do you think we will come out of this sane?

Amy said...

@Liz - I'll gladly give you Jose's number. He was referred to me by a friend who has used his services for the past 4 years.

@mimbles - The things we remember from our youth!

@Sharon - I knew you were a smart gal! Go COLTS!

@B - How old is your youngest? Party at home or elsewhere?

@won - Boy or girl? Mine is a great kid, but there are days she definitely has that teen attitude.

Cat said...

Happy birthday to the kids!

That's weird about the ear canal- I hope they can give you some special instructions for cleaning it for him so he can hear your commands! :-) The last thing teen boys need is an excuse.

Melinda said...

Yes, your boy has no excuse now! If he'd known that, he probably would have chosen to leave the earwax in! ;0)

Mrs4444 said...

Wow on the earwax! Sweet on the skating; I can picture his little lit-up face :)

I wish I could pay Jose, too....

Good luck with the parties!!

Nate's Mom said...

I LOVE this blog. I can relate to so much of it. We've had the gross ear wax that makes you deaf. Only it caused a diagnosis of chronic hearing loss by the audiologist, before Nate was referred to the ENT. It's crazy how much wax these boys can accumulate, lol.

I totally get the excitement in seeing your child who has struggled excell. Go Robbie!

And I hear you on the "no boy parties at home." I don't do home parties either. It's usually a perk party for my June bug, and a family trip for my Dec baby. I did a home party for my oldest son ONCE. Good luck with that. I'm sure it will be a blast. You can't go wrong with boys and legos. And lego cakes are easy to make.

Sheri in CA