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Monday, October 25, 2010

That's what she said

Words, thoughts, by other women that I think should be passed on...

Momza on trials: 
The truth is,
trials come in all sizes.
But here's the predictable thing about trials:
More often than not,
They Pass.

We're going to fall/stumble
into many more Ponds
than Oceans and Lakes.
And it's helpful to know that
on the edge of every ocean shore
or lake shore,
there's a sign posted:

Read the entire post here.

Nancy C. (Away We Go) on her son's emergence as a reader:

I know what it all means. I know that his world is about to become much grander. Soon, very soon, he will walk into the pages of a book. If he is lucky, and it is the right book, he will walk out changed.

It's a miracle.

Read about the miracle here.

Finally, poet Katie Makkai on "pretty:"
Note -- She does use a variation of the "F" word once. But don't let that scare you off. This is powerful.


Sharon said...

WOW...that video clip gave me such goosebumps.

Momza said...

What a thought-provoking presentation on the video! How did you find it?

And Nancy's post on reading is so makes me want to listen to my kids read more tonight.

Thank you for the kind shout-out alongside these other very powerful women.

We all learn so much from one another!

. said...

Love the video on "pretty" - thanks for posting it

. said...

I jumped on here earlier to answer a question from a comment you left on my page, and realized I only commented on your post I liked! lol

You asked about my header picture, well, I used to live in Colorado and hiked a lot. I found this pic on the internet, to use because it reminded me of a lake during the fall in Colorado.

If I ever get to my project of organizing and scanning and then uploading some of my old gorgeous pics from the past, I will be able to use my own photos for my header.

Have a great day!

Mrs4444 said...

Thanks for sending me to Nancy's post--what a treasure :) I plan to link it up tomorrow night!

Wow-That video. Very powerful. Thank you.