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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I washed my hands

while singing "Happy Birthday" twice before I sat down to write this germ-inspired post.

If you follow along on the 4th Frog Facebook page, you probably know that last week the nasty V&D bug hit our house. Everyone -- except me -- fell victim. Some got the V part more than the D part. Others got the D part worse than the V part. I just got to clean up after it all. But I was feeling quite victorious and of superior immune system capabilities because I escaped the week unscathed.

A little piece of advice: Never underestimate the V&D bug and never issue a challenge such as "knock on wood, I was the only one in the house who didn't get sick."

Yep. Today, it was my turn. It started last night, I think. I got home from the gym (where all I did was walk the track for about 50 minutes because I didn't want to hurt myself after having been away for so long) and my stomach felt queasy. I thought maybe my blood sugar was low from the exercise, so I had a little something to eat. It didn't really help much, but there was nothing more significant than a little seasick feeling. Overnight, I woke every hour on the hour, not really sick, but not feeling well either.

When it was time to wake the kids for school, it was clear that I would not be going anywhere other than the, um...ladies room. I moaned a little, whined as I climbed back into bed and fell back to sleep. And that's pretty much how I spent the next two hours -- shuffling back and forth between the bathroom and the bed.

Mike, bless his heart, went to store and got me some medicine and 7-Up and I thought that I'm not sure I was that nice when he was sick last week. I couldn't really linger on the thought because I was struck again by what can only be described as a Harry Potter-esque spell that turned my insides into liquid.

When I first figured I'd be staying home, I thought perhaps I'd get caught up on the laundry a bit and maybe take down some Christmas decorations. Who was I kidding?! Seriously, my day went bathroom, sleep, watch a little TV, rinse and repeat.

About an hour after the kids got home from school, I emerged from the bedroom to help with homework. Forty-five minutes of first grade reading and fifth grade math was enough to sap any energy I might have thought I had. So it was back to bed until about 30 minutes ago. I still feel like I've been run over by the garbage truck, but I can be further than three feet from the bathroom, so that's progress.

If you stuck with me this long, I'm impressed.  Thanks. And just in case, go wash YOUR hands.


Joanie said...

I hope the V & D stuff stays in Indiana ands far away from me!

Feel better!!!

kimybeee said...

how sweet of mike to take care of you! my jeff is my helpmate in every way! he takes such good care of me. i am in the middle of another huge tmj/jaw/tooth pain episode and he is so fabulous. he crushes my pills (i am a baby and can't swallow a pill) and he holds me and pets me and lets me cry on his shoulder. he will do anything but clean a litter box - that is where he draws the line! lol thanks goodness that i have always managed to take a minute to do that or my daughter will do it if i ask, but only if i am dying....

that bug went through my family in the few weeks leading up to christmas and i managed to avoid it. i think jeff got it cause he used the kid's bathroom. i avoid that room like the plague, i have seen truck stop bathrooms cleaner than the kids bathroom. i do have to hand wash all the dishes and do the laundry, but i wash my hands when i do that. glad that your misery passed fairly quickly!!!

varangianguard said...

Sorry you're sick, and I hope you are better soon.

But, my jaw is still sore from hitting the desk in shock because I wasn't paying close enough attention when I started reading this post. Never heard the acronym V&D before, and my mind seems to have ignored the ampersand on the first reading.

The Frog household has VD?!? After a closer re-read I see that my mind was just wandering. Now, it's just funny (at least to me).

Sharon said...

I hope you get better & stay better asap! I love your tag line "so moms do get sick". Doesn't it seem we just shouldn't?!

Jessica McCoy said...

Hope you feel better. So far we've (well just me so far) have only had the cold type stuff going around. Not looking forward to V&D hitting us but I'm sure we'll get our turn.

Anonymous said...

Hope u feel better soon!