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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fat, selfish, co-dependent psychobabble?

As we were watching The Biggest Loser tonight, I was formulating in my head my blog post about this week's episode. But I couldn't think very clearly because Mike was vociferously airing his opinion about what happened during the weigh-in. Three members of the black team purposefully gained weight to ensure that their children would not fall below the line and be sent home. Seeing that he was so animated about their decision, I invited him to guest post tonight. 
Before you read Mike's take on the show, know that the opinion expressed below is not the opinion of this blogger, but I respect his right to think differently. And because he felt so strongly, I left his "colorful" language intact.

So without further ado, the peanut butter to my chocolate, the chips to my salsa, the milk to my Girl Scout cookies, my huzzzband Mike:
I watch the Biggest Loser with Amy almost every week. I don't blog about it, but Amy will tell you I have my opinions and willfully share them like an unwanted heckler at a comedy show.

But tonight's episode of BL made me think NBC changed the name to "The Biggest Gainer! Plus eight pounds to "stop the cycle of emotional eating" for your daughter? COME ON!  You are actually hurting two people -- yourself and your daughter. BL viewers and 4th Frog readers who aren't fat: if you want to to see the inner-workings of a fat, codependent family - it was on display tonight.

There were millions watching who DO NOT want to piss their opportunity away by guzzling water before weigh in. It's just selfish psychobabble and co-dependent scheming like this that got them fat in the first place.

What kind of example is that to set for your daughter? And how twisted is it to only hurt yourself in the process?

I actually plan on applying for the Biggest Loser and, if I am accepted, I am gonna kick butt if the new strategy is "To Gain and Protect." Play your games, mom - while I leave a trail of scorched fat behind me. If I am given the opportunity to win $250,000 AND change my eating habits;  I'm not gonna take a trial run and hope I get on again next season. I am going to bust MY ass and enjoy waving goodbye as my loose skin flops under my forearms.


kimybeee said...

great job mike! i hope you make it - i will watch it then!!

Joanne said...

oh Mike I agree whole heartedly with you ...
be watching hope you two make it...

varangianguard said...

Where was this thing you promised us called "colorful language"?

No need for a swear jar in your household, I see.


Eternal Lizdom said...

I didn't watch it last night but am intrigued now.

I used to enjoy the show more in the early seasons- before it became such a competitive game. I want the show to be about the weight loss and the people and the new way of living and not about ways to outwit, outlast... yeah, that's a different show.

Maribeth said...

Dude. You get on there and you will have a huge fan base of support behind you from NC. Actually on or off the show. Team Mike!

BayBabe said...

I think this show is scripted from beginning to end. It has gotten way past being believable - I don't think it will last much longer! The "unknown trainers" just box and box and box. If I didn't have a DVR I would not watch any of it!!!

Jessica McCoy said...

I agree with everything you said Mike. I was also ticked off because if they would have just worked hard and stuck to the weight LOSS plan Jen would have been the one below the red line and they wouldn't have had to protect their kids. They may have even won the weigh in. So rather than maybe losing one person they lost two. Makes no sense to me.

Mike Magan said...

Thanks I've been far heavier in my life but I'm way above a healthy weight too. I mean do you guys really ever see yourselves getting that emotional or crying?

I don't think it's scripted but I know they manipulate videos to create perceptions of people. I think the people who lost really lost and gained really gained. I doubt there was a producer there saying OK Jim you're gonna be off in week 5 and were gonna have you gain weight this week.

Thanks also for the kind words and sorry for the cussing didn't realize that was an Fu . . . oops rule!

Jenny McB said...

Mike- great job on the blog. I purposely came here after last night's show b/c I like to see what other people think of the show. Stupidest game play, ever, just lose the weight and protect your team..glad to see your viewpoint equaled mine.