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Monday, May 30, 2011

In memory

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. A day to remember with gratitude the sacrifices of those who serve our country, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Looking for something to do today? Go to a cemetery and place flags or flowers on the graves of soldiers. Pick up the tab for a military family you see at a local restaurant. Pray for the safety of those currently on duty in our military. Read this post, then watch the movie "Taking Chance," and be humbled and grateful.


Ellen aka Ellie said...

Dan Shanower,
Brandon Kitchens,
Allen V. Stewart.

Sometimes it's good to just say their names outloud.

Amy said...

Thanks Ellie. Great idea.

Served and survived:

Urban L. Michel
William U. Michel
Jerry Michel
Paul Michel
Chris Michel

Rachel said...

So grateful.

Harry F. Hicks

(Home from Iwo Jima, and hero to the people of Guam)

Momza said...

love this. thank you, Amy.

Monica Devine said...

Today I am feelling especially blessed and grateful, after watching all the violence (on CNN) around the world. We live in a beautiful, caring country. Oh, and biggest cream!