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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Put your party planning hat on

In just less than three weeks, Mike will turn 40 years old. He wants a party. And truthfully, given the year we've had so far, he NEEDS a party. But I'm at a bit of a loss at what to do.

I thought about taking a group of people out to the baseball game. I considered renting out a theater for a showing of Star Wars or some equally nerdy movie, although I'm not sure you can actually do that.

Oh, and there's that little detail where he currently is unemployed and money is kind of tight. (Although he does have some hopeful prospects out there, so that could change...)

He had the oh-so-helpful suggestion of renting a replica of the Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee and nemesis sheriff's car and parking them in my front yard. Yes, he is turning 40, not 14.

Anyway, a home party would probably be the most cost-effective, but perhaps a little more work to pull it off than I'm hoping to do. I still have the stable from the Christmas nativity sitting in the family room if that gives you an idea of what it would take to get this house party-ready. idea is a bad idea. What's been the most fun 40th birthday party you've attended? What kind of party would you want to be invited to? (That's no guarantee of an invitation.) How would you want to celebrate a milestone birthday?


Kris said...

Give him a lego party at the lego store!

Amy's mom said...

What about a TV/Movie party since so many of his 'favorites" are on film. Remember Steve-o's 30th?
At that one, we even had people dress as their favorite TV Character.
We'll be glad to help you.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Love your mom's comment!

Reading this post makes me realize how few theme parties I have been to.

We love game nights and have those for non-occasions. But it might be fun to play retro games from his childhood, Trouble, Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, etc.

For my 50th, we just invited a bunch of people over and ate all afternoon. It's the people, not the planning.

Does that make me a crummy hostess?


Julie said...

How about a Minute to Win it party? If I could do my 50th over, that is what I would do! And I think Lori could help you pull it off.

Unknown said...

Hog Roast - always my favorite!

But from what I read, he likes movies? What about a movie outdoors- a big white sheet for a screen and a projector plugged into a DVD or VCR player - blankets on the ground, popcorn, hotdogs, big pretzels! Some public library's have those projectors that you can borrow!

Happy 40th - Enjoy!

Unknown said...

OH OH OH nachos too!
and instead of presents tell people to bring their favorite movie snack to share with everyone - like a pitch-in - cheap and fun!
Now I want to have one of these party's - I love theme party's!

Gramma said...

Our son turned 40 last August (sound familiar). He has 2 young sons and wanted something kid friendly. So we surprised him with a party at Chuck E. Cheese. It wasn't too expensive (although we didn't have many guests). We have some very funny pictures to prove that it was a hit. No movies though, sad to say.

Rachel said...

Your mom sounds fun!

We did a silly Hawaiian party for my mom's big birthday. It was hilarious because we talked two church members into performing a skit to Rock-A-Hula Baby.

But I like your mom's idea better!

(Well, I like the Dukes of Hazzard best, but... ;)

Michelle said...

Have a Flintstone's party! Y'know, everyone dresses up like a caveman....same time Mike was born, right? :)

Unknown said...

My pal Jent has the best ideas! I would go for simple, and I do believe it is the people you surround yourself with rather than the decor of the house. LOVE the idea of a pitch-in. You can even e-mail out some of his favorite foods with recipes! The KISS logic never fails! Maybe a bit of "spirits" in a glass would be good too! ;-) I'm almost a decade ahead of him, so a lovely glass of wine or something green on the rocks with salt always has a place in my hand ;-) (On special occasions!)

Beth Zimmerman said...

On Bert's 40th we made him a sweatshirt that said "I'm this many" and had 8 hand prints on it (kid sized). Really cute but I'm not sure it would carry a theme.