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Friday, August 19, 2011

Fabulous Fragmentation

It's awesome day -- mostly because I don't have to go to work today. (I love my job, but I love days off, too.) The boys and I are headed to the Indiana State Fair in just a bit. But I couldn't leave without celebrating Friday Fragments with Mrs. 4444s and you all!

Mommy's Idea

Over at the 4th Frog Facebook page, we were having a discussion about fairs. What Kimmybeee had to say was so funny, I thought I'd repeat it here:

We are rednecks and hillbillies and country bumpkins lol when we wear cowboy boots, they usually have cow poop on them lol.

I'm thinking I shouldn't introduce her to Annie, who earlier this summer declared "I will never marry a redneck, ever."  Just recently we were at a wedding. Late into the reception, Annie walked out into the hall and said "It is full-on hillbilly drunk in there."

* * * 

Last night we met up with some hometown friends of Mike's who were passing through Indy. Josh's mom is of Mexican descent, so they always want to find some authentic Mexican cuisine. We ended up here:


If you plan ahead, you can eat dinner, have your taxes done and schedule your next vacation all at the same time!


School starts for the boys next week. Charlie's soccer team has already met for practice. But Robbie doesn't have any outside activities. I don't want to overload the kids, but I do think one outside activity is a good idea.

Me: "What activity do you want to do this fall? Swimming?"

Robbie: "No."

Me: "Gymnastics?"

Robbie: "No."

Me: "Soccer?"

Robbie: "No."

Me: "Well, what do you want to do?"

Robbie: "Sit on the couch and watch TV."

At least the kid's honest.


A few prayer requests: 

* Please continue to pray for those hurt (45) and killed (5) in the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair.
* Prayers for a friend and mother of 8 who will begin treatment for breast cancer next week.
* Prayers for another friend who is struggling with tough love for her daughter who is currently in jail and with the worry of how to help their granddaughter. 
* And of course, prayers that Mike find employment soon are always appreciated. He's been blessed to have some freelance work to do, but we'd sure like a regular paycheck.

Have a great weekend. For more Friday Fragments, click here.


Ellen aka Ellie said...

I'd like to sit on the couch and watch TV too...

brainella said...

Eating Mexican food while doing taxes...hmmm...makes doing your taxes sound more interesting!

Can I put one in for sitting on the couch and watching TV? :) Sounds like a nice time.

Dropping by from FF. :)

Keetha Broyles said...

I taught middle and high school science in Indiana for 11 years. There are MANY things about teaching that I miss - - - starting in early/mid August is NOT one of them.

kimybeee said...

well i made the blog lol i wasn't kidding, we really are that way! you see people all the time dressed in the plaid shirts, big belt buckles and cowboy boots - you know they have never stepped foot in a barn! all four of us and much of our extended families are country. my cousins and uncles all farm and raise livestock for a living.

my husband and i showed steers in the county fair when we were young and now our kids show. they are both in 4h and ffa and stay super busy.

they have had a couple of game systems over the years, but never play them after the first week or so.

both of our kids go hunting and our daughter killed her first deer when she was about 10 or 11 and our son has killed a deer and a turkey bow hunting by the time he was 13.

our theory is that you have never turned on the news to see that somebody committed a horrible crime and they spent all their time in the barn!!!

we gave our barn a remodel this past week with a new tin roof and concrete floors - our kids were so excited that when the floor dried, they laid down in the middle of it and just enjoyed it! if that ain't redneck, i don't know what is!

and you can tell annie that we don't drink, never have - but hillbillies and rednecks can be a lot of fun lol

Anonymous said...

Love "It is full-on hillbilly drunk in there."

Angel's Camp, CA is home to teh Frog Jump Mark Twain wrote about and teh whole county has frog decor everywhere. Saw your blogname on Mrs 4444s and had to check you out.

Great profile write up - I also can spot a "guilt trip" coming from a mile away. Probably distresses those not as adept as I've learned to sidestep such trips with ease (necessary for sanity survival - not enough time in a day to do everything folks would try to guilt you into doing).

Kay said...

will be praying for your list of requests, i am thankful that hubby has found a bit of work to do.

i love the state fair!! woohoo!! i miss the iowa state fair, the turkey legs and corn dogs rock!!

Anonymous said...

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