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Monday, August 29, 2011

It's time to get serious

You know it's time to get serious about eating less and moving more when... open a new package of underwear and the sheer size of it takes your breath away for a moment already have an answer formulated for the question "When are you due?" and you're not pregnant
...the IN Shape Indiana people want to know when they can schedule the final video shoot and your first thought is January 2013
...your snoring has made a mighty return and your husband has threatened to record it and share it on YouTube don't bother hanging your clothes in the closet because going in there and seeing all the clothes that don't fit anymore is depressing
...your bra size has jumped to the triple alphabets consider it a victory when you can go one whole day without eating something chocolate can feel your belly resting on your upper legs when you sit down contemplate trying on the fat dress you swore you'd never wear again, but don't because you're afraid it might be too small feel guilty contributing posts to the Fit City Moms Blog
...your last family picture was taken in 2006 but you don't want to schedule another one for fear there will be an additional charge for mandatory use of the wide-angle lens


Anonymous said... can do this. Think back to how good you felt when you were losing weight. Think about your first session with the dreadmill and how you eventually conquered it! You won! You can do this again. I'm right there with you. ;)

Roper said...

Ohh Amy! I was having all of these thoughts about a month ago(except for the boob growth... Try being 42 double flat!). lol My DH recommended I go clothes shopping to improve my outlook on myself. When I returned sobbing like a hormonal teenager with no clothes because there was none anywhere on the entire face of the earth that would cover me, he assured me once we got on vacation he would take me shopping. First store DH picks up a MooMoo and says this might look ok on you... DH no longer stands for Darling Husband. I am feeling your pain while feeding mine. Just remember you are a beautiful Loopy Diva!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Focus on moving more and eating less. The first is more positive.

And there's no reason to go every day without chocolate, just make sure it's less!

CWMartin said...

Good luck (seriously) on the getting serious part. You've got the tongue-in-cheek part down par excellance!