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Friday, August 12, 2011

Just fragments

Mommy's Idea

That's what I've got left after this week. Just fragments. A brain download, if you will. And I can do that, thanks to Mrs. 4444s.

Putting out an ABB: Hello officer, I'd like to report an ABB. Yes, that's right. An "assault with a binding brassiere." I purchased a new bra this week. I wanted a new dress, but what I ended up with was a new bra. Anyway, the lady at the pricey store measured me and said I'm "a 41 on the dot, so let's go with a 40."  I'm always up for smaller numbers. But now, after two days of wearing this torture device, I'm pretty sure the durn thing has bruised my sternum.

Play it again, Skeeter: I saw "The Help" on Wednesday night. Great movie! There aren't many I'd pay to see in the theater twice, but this one I would. It was fairly true to the book. Oh, and go easy on the Diet Coke because it's a LONG movie and you don't want to miss anything.

Mason City, Iowa, anyone? Do you live within driving distance of Mason City, Iowa? It's 1/2-way between St. Paul, MN and Des Moines, IA. Anyway, I'll be there in late September speaking at the Upper Midwest Social Media Conference. My topic: Privacy in Blogging and Social Media: How Much Is Too Much? If you've never been to a social media conference, this might be a good one to start with. Admission is only $50.

Home improvement (dis)harmony: Well, we've arrived at no real decision on the paint colors for the first floor. I did convince Mike to postpone the painting there. We're having the master bed and bath painted, but we haven't quite agreed on which room will be which color. I think a Serious Gray in the bedroom and Expressive Plum in the bathroom. Mike wants the opposite. Also, he apparently thinks little fairies are going to come in the night and prep the house for the work to be done. Although the first floor walls won't be painted, they will be painting the ceilings this weekend. Do I have to take down the curtains for them to paint the ceiling? This little fairy is going to need a lot of Diet Coke to pull this all-nighter.

Back to school: Most kids around here started school this week. That's way too early. Annie starts high school on Tuesday. The boys don't start until a week later. Tonight was parent orientation night at the high school. It was a little weird looking around the room, wondering who would be the parents we'll get to know well over the next 4 years. As we listened to the head of school and several of the teachers, I felt like we'd definitely made the right decision about where to send Annie for high school. That felt good.

Time to get a move on in getting this house ready for phase 1 of its renovation. Hope you have a great weekend!


Cyndy Bush said...

OUCH, my chest hurts just thinking about that bra. She doesn't sound like a very smart bra-fitter.
I read "The Help" and absolutely cannot WAIT to see the movie!

Bill Lisleman said...

I was thinking of writing something about bras and my youth but I won't because that's not the point of your fragment.
Wishing you better breathing soon.

Karen and Gerard said...

Bras are such a nuisance--HATE them!

I agree with Mike on the colors, definitely plum for the bedroom and gray for the bathroom.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I love a good bra, but a bad one? TAKE IT BACK!

Glad to know you're feeling good about Annie's HS!

BB said...

Oh no! Put down the paintbrush! I had a midnight epiphany: you need to paint your room a shade deeper (or lighter) than the khaki downstairs, or do a grayer khaki or khakier gray in the bedroom. Something from the same strip!

Or not. Flow is probably overrated. :)


Keetha Broyles said...

I want to read "The Help"

doreen said...

tight bras are just ouch and why am I sure I got one at the same place???
I like your choice in the colors...We stopped renovating until I was finished with my book...time to start again; just have to figure out where.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Kay said...

take the bra off ;-) you could actually bruise your bones.

we actually like painting, but haven't been able to do it here. i hope you post pics of the new colors!! it would be nice if there was a paint-prep-fairy.

oh too early for school :-(

Rachael said...

What the heck? I feel like that reasoning for the bra size is like if your foot measured 7 1/2 and the salesperson told you to go with a 7. You should take it back!

I saw The Help this week too - so good!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Seems like back to school came so fast this year!

I've been debating buying some cami-bras because then it won't matter if my straps show. But I HATE new bras! We'll see!

Mrs4444 said...

Your bra story cracked me up a little--It made me remember that last week, I put my on all twisted up and didn't realize it til I was out in public. Crazy. Anyway, for what it's worth, I no longer need to shop at the pricey place, because I have fallen in love with the "This is Not a Bra" bras at JCPenney. They are awesome and can be found on sale for about $15.