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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Put yourself in my bathtub

You've been traveling for five days, the last two of which were spent at an amusement park. You're pretty sure that you might be forced to call a chiropractor or a massage therapist to erase the effects of the bumper cars on your back. The house is quiet, but you can't sleep because your feet, legs, arms and back are registering their discontent with being cramped in a car, rested in strange beds, and assaulted for entertainment. So you decide a hot bath is in order.

You've just sunken your aching body into the perfectly-temperatured bath. You can feel your muscles begin to forgive you a bit for the abuse you've heaped on them. Despite what the Rolaids people would have you believe, you're certain relief is spelled "H-O-T-B-A-T-H."

Then you hear it. Thunder. Long and rolling and nearby thunder.

Do you:
  1. Think how lucky you are? You love the sound of rain and think it adds a perfect backdrop to the moment.
  2. Pretend you don't hear it and try to rush your body into relaxation before your better sense kicks in and you force yourself out of the tub?
  3. Immediately hop out because you once saw on Oprah/Dateline NBC/Mythbusters that taking a bath or a shower during a thunderstorm is just asking to be struck by lightning, even if you are inside your house?


Eileen said...

I've never heard this bath tub/lightening connection before--interesting. Obviously, with this on your mind, you wouldn't be able to relax, even if you weren't sure of its factual nature. Hope the hot water worked its magic before you were forced out!

Amy said...

Screw the thunder. Relax. If it's your time, at least you'll go with some flash!

Beth Zimmerman said...

#1! Hands down! Lightning has stricken my house before but never my tub! :)

Mike Magan said...

BTW that image is a stock photo, Amys toes are cuter and our tub isn't that disgusting!

CWMartin said...

NUMBER ONE! And by the way, given some of the other blogs I follow-and the way my mind runs- you might possibly want to edit the post title.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

#3, Blame my mom.

Mrs4444 said...

Are you crazy? That's funny. I hope you stayed in the tub. Loved the pic :)