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Sunday, October 30, 2011

My love/hate relationship with Halloween

Things I hate about Halloween:
  1. Gross, bloody costumes
  2. People jumping out at you from the dark when you go up to their house to trick-or-treat
  3. Carving pumpkins. It always sounds like fun, but it's a big mess and the kids lose interest after 10 or 15 minutes.
  4. Perfect mom types who send homemade popcorn balls and cutesy little perfectly iced jack-o-lantern cookies to school
  5. Those same moms who whip up elaborately sewn costumes like it's no big deal
  6. Haunted houses. If I wanted to lose my breath and wet my pants, I'd drink a Biggie Diet Coke and go for a run.
  7. Kids way too big for trick-or-treating ringing my doorbell anyway
  8. Stupid candy like Dots and Dum Dum suckers
  9. All the television channels being dominated by scary movies

Things I love about Halloween:
  1. Vanilla Tootsie Rolls -- best when twisted together with the chocolate
  2. Preschool Halloween songs -- "5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate..."
  3. Friendly ghost and smiley witch decorations
  4. Other people's fabulously carved jack-o-lanterns
  5. Candy corn and peanuts or mallowcreme pumpkins all by themselves
  6. The Today Show costume reveal
  7. "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"
  8. Answering the door for trick-or-treaters (appropriately aged) 
  9. Clever and creative costumes -- check out the great one below
This is a girl who goes to our church:

gum shoe costume

Can you guess what she is? 

Gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe! Isn't that great? Here's what her mom said about how they put it together:

We got the pink clothes from goodwill, and then hot glue gunned the shoe to a headband. Easy peasy. If you didn't want to buy costume giant shoes, you could blow up photos of shoes and paste them to foam core board and then hot glue those to a hat, hoodie, or headband.


kimybeee said...

just remember that those moms drink - a lot lol lol and they probably had grandma make the costume anyway lol and they bought the treats!

just go with the flow with whatever your family enjoys and have fun!!!

we took the kids to a few houses here in the neighborhood and to the grandparents houses and were done. we never did subdivisions or block parties or any of that stressful stuff. the kids stopped trick or treating after about age 10ish? and were perfectly happy.

we have friends here that own a corn maze they haunt and my kids have been involved since they were 4 and 6 - they go help haunt, they have no desire to go to anything like that, they just want to help.

we have never made a huge deal about any holidays. birthdays were big parties when they were younger, but no big hoopla. they both decided when they didn't want parties anymore either.

i was the crazy cool homeroom mom, but i always let everyone be involved and it was not presented that my stuff was any cooler than anyone elses. it was a group effort. so don't feel inferior to "those moms" since they are probably just insecure and feel the need to show off lol

this was long and rambling, but oh well tee hee

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I am not a fan of anything ghoulish whether it be decor, costumes or TV programs.

I am not a fan of the "sexy" costumes for adults or children. Sexy nurse? Sexy cop? Or, in the case of someone I know, a seven-year-old Kim Kardashian?

But the candy is fun, and the cute kids are fun. I don't even mind older kids out and about. Beats them doing pranks.

I'm allergic to pumpkin guts, so I painted some pumpkins this year. Yesterday at Wal Mart, I saw a do-hickey to attach to a drill to pull it all out with power. Next year...who knows?


As for school, it is a wasted day. I'm taking the afternoon off to have a mammogram. Less scary than the class party. (I am dressing up like Peyton Manning, jersey and neck brace!)

Janet @ KY Klips said...

Vanilla tootsie rolls are so yummy! Although we do not "celebrate" Halloween at my house, I will be out raiding the shelves for Tootsie Rolls (thin chocolate & flavored) on the day after.
I also LOVE the Today show costume reveal! No idea what they are going to do this year. Yoda Hoda is still one of my favs.
Thanks for sharing the costume idea too. Abs went to the dance at school and ended up making cat ears out of black pipe cleaner to attach to her headband and used eye liner to paint her face since her anti-super mommy doesn't do Halloween.

Unknown said...

AMEN to everything you said. I think we are twins separated at birth. My poor girls have the wrong mother to truly enjoy Halloween. I wouldn't take them to the "Haunted House" last night, but I did take them trick or treating, seriously for the very first time where they actually got out of the car and knocked on doors. It's just a crazy time of the year for us, still being out in the fields, and I just plain don't like all the "stuff" that goes on with the bigger kids. I'm such an old poop, but I will eat me some candy corn and pop corn balls! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The best is when the kids open the bag and don't say anything. Hello, can I at least get a "trick or treat". I don't give candy until they say it. LOL You have to work for this loot buddy!

Momza said...

Keep it Simple is my motto with regard to costumes and candy...a little bit of homemade with a little bit of store-bought fits my life.
I do not like the scary costumes, or the horror films out especially heavy this time of year--they go even thru Christmas and I don't even like the commercials.
I don't mind the teens coming to the door--we make them sing for their candy "I'm a little Teapot"--you'd be surprised at how many teens crank out a song for a little candy and laugh doing it!
I'm looking forward tonight!