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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Biggest Loser: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Tonight was Week 2 on The Biggest Loser. I thought there were some highs and some lows. Let's call them Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down. 

Thumbs Up:
  • Dolvett. Just because he is.
  • "The girls may have Bob and Dolvett. But I've got a hot nutritionist. I'll listen to whatever you tell me." - Jeremy upon being introduced to the nutritionist
  • The outdoor patio area being called "the prison yard." Did I hear that right? That's awesome.
  • Roy and Christine. Just seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus makes me smile. 
  • No one threw up on camera today.
  • Mafia Mike went home. I think had he stayed there would just be continuous friction.
  • Mafia Mike does look a lot like Alec Baldwin.
  • Minimal (any?) product placements
  • The fast-forwarding of some of the weigh in
Thumbs Down:
  • Kimmy and Kim's wild assumption that their team could lose 94 pounds in week 2.
  • Dr. H. said Joe has an "advanced case of sleep apnea," waking more than 70 times an hour. In my recent sleep study, I was waking 79 times per hour. Doesn't exactly make me feel like I'm in good company.
  • Bob getting mad at Dolvett in the gym. This is not about you, Bob. Keep your focus on the people you're trying to help.
  • A small tray of sushi has as many carbs as 5 slices of white bread and 300 calories? Waaaaahhh!
  • Conda is still on the ranch. She conjures up memories of Vicki. (I wonder if there's a Heba hiding in the ranks.) 
  • Facial hair. Seriously? It's only week 2 and it's already getting out of control. 
  • Alison stirring the pot to encourage the arguing in the elimination room. 
  • Bob's leggings under the shorts look. Show off the legs, Bob. 
Do you have anything to add?


Beth Zimmerman said...

I think you about covered it! :) Although I had a bit more empathy for Mike than you did apparently. Most people seem to have adjusted quickly to losing their partners. He expected it to be a time to spend with his brother working on a common goal and he never got over his expectations being rocked. I can totally understand that. As for Conda (and Darlene) they can leave any time now! Maybe Darlene is Heba? ... Nah!

Joanie said...

I'm over Dolvett. He sounds like Bob on steroids.

Joanie said...

Who is Darlene? Do you mean Daphne, the woman who was sent home as soon as she arrived at the ranch with her brother, Adrian?

Anonymous said...

I know it makes for good TV but it seems that the drama between contestants does nothing for them except channel energy somewhere other than the gym. Then we get to hear the "stress" excuse. Isn't the situation stressful enough without getting caught up in the drama. Besides, when you get in the middle of the drama you just set yourself up to be the next one voted out. Keep your head down and work hard!