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Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Hello friends! It's Good Friday and despite the sadness and solemnity of the day, it does indeed feel good.

Last night was my favorite Mass of the year, Holy Thursday. The church was full and so many of the people I love were there. Charlie was an altar server. I was so proud to watch him serving and taking part in the extra rituals of Holy Thursday. Annie volunteered to strip the sanctuary and the altar at the end of Mass, preparing it for the starkness of Good Friday. And Robbie was so well behaved. It was such a warm experience.


After church yesterday, prayers were answered. God is good. That's all I have to say about that.


Annie is coming to the end of her Spring Break. Yesterday I took her driving in an empty parking lot. Max speed = 4 miles an hour. I kept trying to get her to go at least 10. I think Mike is going to be her primary driving teacher. But she wants you to know that she did a great job parking. She also applied for her first job. Holy cow, who is this teenager and what did she do with my little girl?


Showing a little of my spelling snob here, but I had to snap this at McD's during my morning Diet Coke run yesterday.

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I'm a week beyond my carpal tunnel surgery and all I can say is what the heck was I waiting for?! This has been so easy.. My hand a little tender sometimes and easily fatigued if it's not wrapped or in a splint. But bring on the next one. My left hand in comparison feels so fat and numb. I don't know if it's worse because I'm using the left hand more to compensate for the right or because the difference between the two is so marked. I'm thinking I'll have the left one done in early May.


If you store your underwear like this, I'm afraid we can't be friends. Who stands their underwear up? And how do you get it to stay that way?

a27acd15, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App


I have it on good authority that the Easter Bunny has Reese's peanut butter eggs ready to drop in our baskets. That, Peeps and black jelly beans will make Easter complete. And oh yeah, the resurrection of Christ.

Have a blessed Easter. Now go over to Mrs. 4444s, hostess of Friday Fragments, and wish her the same.


Erica Saint said...

Oh my gosh! I love that sign! Lol! About the underwear, I agree. It is underwear. Just throw it in the drawer. Thank God for answered prayers.

Bill Lisleman said...

I enjoy your fragments.
It's sad when the sign writer doesn't know grammar and the manager doesn't check or know it either.
When I was in the USAF, part of our inspections included the folding and arrangement of our underwear drawers. Weird but true.

Happy Easter

Hootin Anni said...

Heck, I don't even fold my undies. Just stuff 'em in a drawer. Wow...this person is quite OC.

My Fragmented Hour --it'll knock your socks off

Keetha Broyles said...

I had to let Fisherhubby do MOST of the driver training with our four - - - they made me SOOOOO nervous, nervous made me scream, me screaming made them scream back and nearly wreck - - - not a good scenario!

Unknown said...

The underwear is freaking me out. Are those panties starched? Scary, scary, scary.

I have been attempting to teach a 16 year old friend (a boy) to drive my truck. During our first lesson, he floored it in first gear. Girls and boys are SO different, aren't they. Thank God I hadn't taught him to shift yet.

Wayne W Smith said...

I loved the sign. Who does that with their underwear?

Beth Zimmerman said...

I had one MASSIVE Hershey's Peanut Butter Egg (I think it was 6 ounces?). Oh my goodness! It was divine! Happy Easter to you and the fam ... so glad we can still be friends! My undies get thrown in a plastic bin. :)

Mrs4444 said...

I do that with my underwear AND my bras. Not. They're all piled in a plastic box on my closet shelf.

I've never been to Holy Thursday mass, but I'm sure it's a powerful thing. Glad yours was so meaningful this year.

Thanks for linking up, Beth. Happy Easter!

Mrs4444 said...

Oops. I mean AMY! Beth's comment above threw me off for a second :)LOL

Or maybe it's just the fact that I haven't been here in forever. SORRY