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Thursday, April 19, 2012

How moms go out of town

  1. Make detailed schedule of who needs to be where when over the days while you'll be gone. 
  2. Email schedule so there will be an electronic record of it in case the printed copy gets misplaced.
  3. Make carpool arrangements for kids to get to and from activities.
  4. Purchase and wrap birthday present for the party that your family will be going to.
  5. Help kid finish school project due while you'll be gone.
  6. Plan dinner menu and leave it for the family so they won't starve or just eat junk. 
  7. Pre-make casserole to be cooked on the first night.
  8. Do laundry to make sure everyone has clean underwear, uniforms, etc. 
  9. Pack your own suitcase. 
  10. Kiss everyone goodbye and leave.
How dads go out of town
  1. Throw some clothes in a bag.
  2. Kiss everyone goodbye and leave.


Momza said...

Sounds about right. Man, I hate all the prep work necessary before I can leave town. I only "exhale" when I'm finally on the road or in the air. have a good trip!

CWMartin said...

Works for me. Why mess with the extranneous crap?

Michelle said...

So very true. And I usually pack the bag for my husband so he doesn't forget anything. ;P

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Are you kidding? My mom used to pack for our dad...

kimybeee said...


kimybeee said...


Unknown said...

EXACTLY. I leave "sub plans." My husband leaves socks that need washing. (By the way, I have received six texts and four emails about child-related matters that needed my input since I have been here at EBWW.)

Unknown said...

OOO! That is so tempting to just up and leave, but you know what you will come back to: CHAOS! You're a great mom!

I'm just happy for you that you are able to have some AMY time. I miss that every once in a while. Just every once though. ;-)

Lisa Tognola said...

Ha! So true. And the guys keep us wondering what day and time they'll return. (information is power). Great to meet you at EB. Looking forward to staying in touch.

Sunshine and Shadows said...

So true. :)