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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Say what, Google search?

I try hard not to use my phone in the car. I used to talk on the phone all the time while driving and I've been able to cut back on that. I'm pretty good about not texting, though I will answer a text when I'm stopped at a red light. My phone doesn't have Siri, so I don't have one of those talk-to-text features. But it does have a voice search function.

I can hold down the home button on the phone and say "Call Annie, mobile," and it will, which is pretty sweet. I can also use the voice search function to search Google. That comes in handy from time to time. Like last week, for instance. I was on my way to the Indiana Soybean Alliance for a blogger's event. I had a pretty good idea of where I was going, but wanted to confirm the address. So I held down the button, waited for the beep and said in (what I thought was a very) clear voice:

"Indiana Soybean Alliance"

What I said and what Google Voice heard were two different things. What Google gave back to me was: "Indiana Sleeping Alliance."  Not what I was looking for, but something I should keep in the back of my mind for future use.

So I tried it again, this time trying to be more clear with my enunciation: "Indiana Soybean Alliance"

Google Voice: "Indiana Floyd bean Alliance" Ugh. No.

Me: "Indi-ANa- SsssOY-beaN Alliance"

Google Voice: "Indiana silly bean Alliance"

Still determined, I decided to change the search a little, not sure if it was really the soybean alliance or the soybean board.

Me: "Indiana Soybean Board"

Google Voice: "Indiana saw you being bored"

Well, I don't know if anyone saw me being bored, but if they were looking in my direction, they  probably saw me being frustrated and shouting into the pinhole microphone of my phone.

Me: "IN-DI-AN-A SsoooY-beaN BOARD"
 photo null_zpsa2fa0128.png
Google Voice: "Indiana so you being bored"

Why I didn't just give up, I don't know. Call it determination or rage-born stubbornness. So I tried a different approach this time.

Me: "Soy BEAN Indiana"

Google Voice: "So I mean Indiana"

With that I waved the white flag and waited for the next red light, where I typed in "Indiana Soybean Alliance" and where Google promptly responded accurately. Finally.

Ahh...first world problems.


Cherie from the Queen of Free said...

So so so funny. :)

kimybeee said...

so hilarious!!!! oh the dumb things technology can make us do lol lol

i just traded in for the iphone 5 on saturday. i really don't see myself using the voice commands at all. i don't have jeff programmed in my phone as jeff - i have him in as poo poo. that is the affectionate nickname i have for him and i am hot mama in his phone. try saying poo poo into a voice command and see what you get lol lol i tried it years ago when i had a blackberry and the phone just doesn't get it. and then you are saying P O O P O O over and over and over. lol lol the indiana saw you bored was my fave lol

CWMartin said...

Almost as good as!

Cyndy Bush said...

This made me literally LOL! Oh, voice activated technology.
I actually have a post I'm working on about the frustration of that same thing!

Unknown said...

So been there!!!!!! However it is hysterical when it is happening to someone else!!!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Been there. Done that. If it's an android phone you might actually have talk to text functionality within the keyboard. It's a little microphone icon near the space bar. =)

Mich said...

Too funny!! Explains why you were a few minutes behind that day ;)

designHER Momma said...

I have siri and don't really know at all how to use her. I might need to investigate because this is too funny...

Crystal said...

Ha! I literally laughed out loud at this one. Glad you found us!