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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Well, you don't see that every day

Today has been an interesting day. As far as days go, it wasn't anything special. Kids to school. Me to work. Same old, same old.

But I saw several things today that would qualify as unusual. Or interesting. Or cool.

First, there was the man stopped in his truck at the traffic signal who was using the down time to trim the hairs in his nose with an electronic nose hair trimmer. I'm glad I wasn't eating breakfast when I saw that.

There was the guy who drove the wrong way up a one-way highway ramp. I watched as he figured it out, about half-way up the ramp, and turned around. He didn't appear to be impaired, just geographically challenged.

Oh, I saw a Cinderella horse and buggy. I've seen plenty of horse-drawn carriages downtown before. But instead of a wooden "wagon," this one had a white, wire, pumpkin-shaped carriage attached to it.

Then there was the great white shark ferociously attacking a wooden seal decoy. Ok, so I saw that one on an IMAX movie screen at the Indiana State Museum, but it was still cool.

But the most unusual, and the coolest, thing I saw all day was this:

Batmobile photo Batmobile_zpsf7f6886a.jpg

C'mon, sing it with me -- Nananana nananana...Batman!

What remarkable thing have you seen lately?


Erica Saint said...

The boys and I agree! It is very cool!