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Monday, May 27, 2013

Wind down Memorial Day with "Taking Chance"

Four years ago on Memorial Day weekend, I was taking advantage of the slow weekend and flipping through the channels. It was in the midst of a free HBO cable channel trial period and I happened on a movie called "Taking Chance."

I'll admit, I was first drawn in by Kevin Bacon. But I took my fingers off the TV remote because the story wrapped its emotions around me and didn't let me go.

"Taking Chance" is based on a true story and an article written by Marine Lt. Col. Mike Strobl, who volunteered to escort the body of fallen soldier PFC Chance Phelps back to his Wyoming hometown.

The film shows the reverence and care with which a soldiers body is readied for return home, the honor and respect the soldier and military escort are given throughout the journey home and the emotions experienced by many people along the way. 

What the movie does not do is take sides. It is not a propaganda piece for or against the military. It does not take advantage of the audience and try to hammer home a political message. "Taking Chance" is about people, not ideology. 

So if you are winding down your Memorial Day weekend and want to take some time to reflect on the purpose of this day, I encourage you to give "Taking Chance" some of your time. 

You can download it from Amazon Instant Video (pardon the messy link, I'm posting this from my phone):

If you watch it or if you've seen the movie before, let me know what you think.