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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

10 things you think to yourself when you're about to go under the knife

  1. Wait! I changed my mind.
  2. I hope the surgeon doesn't sneeze while he's cutting on my neck.
  3. Which will be better…sleeping a long time or watching movies for days on end?
  4. They really ought to re-think what qualifies as outpatient surgery.
  5. I wonder if the titanium in my neck will set off the metal detector at the airport?
  6. I hope the kids pick up the house a bit before my parents get here.
  7. Is it inappropriate to wear jammies to the surgery center? 
  8. I sure hope this works.
  9. I wish the kids were awake right now so I could give them one last squeeze.
  10. Wow. I could use a Diet Coke.
BONUS: This is going to be one epic game of Mommy's legs are broken.

See you on the flip side. 


kimybeee said...

Only appropriate for the kids to wear Jammie's to surgery-but adults do it everyday!

I have not thought of most of those things on your list. My husband had surgery on dec 4th and he wanted a diet coke as soon as he was out. Since I work at the hospital and sometimes in ops I snuck back to recovery as soon as he was out and gave him his diet coke and a kiss lol. He was very loving when he woke up.

I am having surgery tomorrow and I haven't really thought about your worries. I know the process and none of that bothers me lol. I am having an open hyster instead of robot because I can't be turned upside down on my head because of my heart. I have to stay longer and recovery will be harder and more painful. These are some of my worries:

1. My coworkers will see me naked.
2. My husband is not recovered from his surgery and can't drive. Or walk very far. Or do much at all.
3. My coworkers will see me naked
4. I should be admitted to telemetry because of my heart. I have worked there quite often and love that crew.
5. Another set of coworkers will see me naked lol. Many nurses on telemetry are men. Not thrilled about that lol

So as you can see I have issues very different from you!!!! Love and prayers for a speedy, pain free recovery!

P.s. I have been wearing this external defibrillator for two months. I am not going anywhere near a building with a scanner, cause it looks like a bomb strapped to me with a wire coming out my back to a black box lol

Amy said...

Oh Kim, I would be much more worried about my coworkers seeing me naked than about anything on my list!

Love and prayers for you. Please update me when you can.