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Friday, December 6, 2013

I said "milk, bread, hot dogs..."

We're getting our first big snowstorm of the season tonight. Earlier today, while I was still at work, I texted Mike and said "I'll pick up the boys, but could you run to the store and pick up some milk, bread, hot dogs and hot chocolate?"

You know, the basics.

So when I checked Facebook shortly before I was ready leave work and saw this:

 photo Targetcart_zps6fc108a4.jpg

I quite honestly LOL'd. I think it's the funniest Facebook post my husband has ever made. I'm not sure if it was the caption that got me or the fact that he had strayed so far from my suggested list of items.

This is what a man-cart looks least a cart for my men.
  • Six different kinds of frozen pizza
  • Lean Pockets
  • Protein shakes and protein bars
  • Hot dogs 
  • Bread
  • Waffles & frozen French toast (Who buys that? Even I can make that!)
  • Syrup
  • Two kinds of Oreos
  • 3 kinds of crappy cereal 
  • Milk
  • And of course, Diet Coke
I think the only green he managed to pick up was the green on the Lean Pockets box. He does get points for going generic on many items and for using the Target Cartwheel

Charlie and Robbie were in heaven seeing the groceries unpacked, which means all of that food will last approximately 3-1/2 hours.

Mike hasn't caught on yet that you have to buy some food that they will only eat if they are really hungry -- things like carrots, apples, bananas, you know, the good-for-you stuff and things that require some work on your part and can't just be snarfed down straight out of the box.  Otherwise, the kids blow through it all like they haven't eaten in weeks.

I'm not complaining. Honestly. I'm glad to have been freed from the chaos that is a pre-snowpocalypse grocery store. But seriously, have you ever tried to warm up with a mug of Oreos?


Cindy said...

Haha! Looks like my husband's cart when I send him shopping....I always joke that John buys groceries like our parents are out of town for the weekend :)

Average Parent said...

oh, this totally made me lol. Thanks for starting my morning with a smile.

Beth said...

It's funny that he bought frozen French toast. Whenever I see people loading up on milk, eggs, and bread before a storm I always joke about how they will have plenty of French toast to get them through.

kimybeee said...

Jeff would only buy what I told him most of the time. If he added something it would be a box of cereal or something small lol. Looks like mike would blow the grocery budget.

Anonymous said...

That is beyond awesome! Now excuse me please while I go warm up a mug of Oreos.

Cherie from the Queen of Free said...

SO funny. Who buys that?! I did make French Toast this AM in honor of the snow. :)