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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A supersize revelation

Like many American families, we often hit Costco on Saturday mornings to re-stock our pantry and to scam the free samples available at every turn. On a recent excursion, we walked into the store, pausing for a few minutes to watch Speed Racer on a line-up of big screen TVs. Moving on, we began to pile our oversized cart high with:
  • a giant carton of 3 dozen eggs;
  • a box of frozen waffles that could feed our family of 5 for several weeks;
  • a super-sized pizza;
  • a bag of frozen mixed vegetables the size of my bedroom pillow; and
  • a 2-pack of ibuprofen that might have been intended for the entire defensive line of the Indianapolis Colts
On this particular morning, I exercised great restraint and told the kids that we could not buy:
  • a box of muffins, each bigger than a softball;
  • a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough that would make enough cookies to put the local Girl Scouts out of business;
  • an economy-sized bag of potato chips; and
  • a bag of Halloween candy big enough to treat every kid in the neighborhood, twice.
There were, of course, other things that were on my shopping list that I didn't purchase at Costco, including reading glasses -- I barely need one pair, let alone 3; paper plates -- where would I store 1,000 paper plates?; and a box of 500 band-aids.

No trip to Costco would be complete without a quick trip up and down the book and DVD aisles, and then a pass through the tables of clothing. With Fall weather approaching, I thought I might pick up a few new shirts for myself.

That's when I discovered that this mecca of supersize, oversize and economy size apparently does not believe in plus size. In light of that revelation, I'd like to suggest a new slogan for the wholesale giant.

Costco: Big on stuff. Small on fashion.


Micah and Emily said...

That's great Amy! I hate shopping for clothing because I have to take up all pants and skirts at least five about a hassel-those petite sections are a joke!

Have a great weekend!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Good point. You showed a lot of restraint being able to say no to larger than softball muffins. I might have caved.

And to answer your question about when I started my weight loss, I started in November and would gain a few here and there because of taking breaks for months. I restarted again 3 or 4 weeks ago and I lost 5 pounds since then.