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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I can't take it much longer.

I don't know what it is about a looming vote that brings out the worst in people. I am just so over it -- the negative campaigning against the opponents, the nastiness, the veiled threats, the calculated scheming.

If things don't improve soon, I'm not sure I can keep watching The Biggest Loser. I'm beginning to wish it was like American Idol and I got to have a say in who stays and who goes.

If I had my way, Heba would have been gone last week. My "ick" antenna has been up about her since she and her husband Ed (kicked off a few weeks ago) double crossed the Gray Team. Then last week she got all mad because Phil ate some Reese's cups without permission, so she used the power she won in the challenge and banished him to the other team. She's vindictive and arrogant and also, I think, dumb.

Heba can't see that Vicki and Brady (formerly the Brown Team) are playing her. She thinks they've got some great alliance built up and that they're watching her back. Yeah, watching it so they know just where to put in the knife when it suits them.

These two are total schemers. I'm pretty sure they fabricated a story about Phil tonight just to make Heba hate him more. If Heba makes me feel "ick," then Vicki and Brady make me feel "ewwww," as in "I just stepped in something slimy."

I suppose the good news is that I don't have to wait until November 4 to cast my vote about this show. All I have to do is reach for the remote.


Anonymous said...

This is the worst show I've ever seen

justme said...

i hate heba

justme said...

yes yes - i have a sensory seeker. challenging for sure.

Anne said...

I watched last seaon but haven't been watching this season. I do like the show. From what your describing it seems like it's getting kind of bad between the contestants. Stopped in to visit your blog a few times now. Just thought I would leave s comment this time. :-)

Annie said...

New to reading your're hilarious!!

I don't like Heba, either, but I dislike the "brown" team even more.

Anonymous said...

Vicky's true colors came out last night. What a witch with a "b" as my 11 yr old would say.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I love The Biggest Loser. This season is sooo different from last season's contestants. Last season they were smart and had morals. Heba is playing a dumb game anyhow. She'll be gone soon enough. And did your "fixed" radar go up about that weigh in? Mine did. Vicky and Brady were smirking just a little too much when they found out that Brady only lost 3 pounds! I think he did the water drinking thing just before the weigh in like Neil did a few season's back!

Andrea @ Momma in Flip Flops2 said...

Argh... I thought in the beginning I might like Heba.. now I don't at all. The brown team and her make me ack. I hate how the show is turning too and all the swearing makes me CRAZY!!!! My son and I watch it together but it's getting to the point that I don't want him in there with it.. bleep this, bleep that... say this, say that. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I liked the lady that went last week. I can't remember her name.. Phils wife. This season by far is my least favorite just because of the way the show is headed.