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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lessons learned in 15 years of marriage

Fifteen years ago today -- October 9, 1993 -- Mike and I got married. We were (too) young and in love and declared that love in front of 300 of our closest friends and other people our parents told us we had to invite.

The priest who married us told us that the key to a long and happy marriage is "communicate, communicate, communicate." Our families gave us advice like "never go to bed angry" and "marriage is not 50/50 -- it's 100/100."

We took it all in and practically skipped into our "happily ever after." (I told you we were young.)

Over the past 15 years, I've learned a few things:
  1. "Communicate, communicate, communicate" sometimes sounds like "nag, nag, nag."

  2. E-mail is the best way to make a "honey do" list -- it leaves you with an electronic rebuttal to "you never told me that."

  3. Mowing the lawn really is man's work, especially when the woman is too weak to get the mower started.

  4. Laundry really is woman's work, unless you don't mind fishing for your clothes in a five-load pileup on the couch.

  5. The side of the bed you choose on your wedding night is yours forever, so choose wisely.

  6. Being married with three kids is ALOT like having four kids.

  7. My style of parenting is not the only way -- it's the right way, but not the only way.

  8. Hiring a babysitter and getting out of the house without the kids is important. Even better if you actually do something together.

  9. When your husband tells you how much he paid for something unnecessary, automatically add 20% to his answer.

  10. You don't realize how fat you are when you're both getting fat together.

  11. If you want an honest answer, ask your wife. (Is my hair thinning?)

  12. If you want a politically correct answer, ask your husband. (Do I look fat?)

  13. When he said, "All I ever really needed to know I learned from Star Trek," he was serious.

  14. When his parents say "thank you, thank you, thank you for marrying him," they are serious.

  15. "In-laws" is not a four-letter word, though they may occasionally cause you to mutter a few.
Happy 15th Anniversary to My Huzzzband.
Love, Your Wyfe.

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Sharon said...

Happy Anniversary!
Great picture, btw. :)

Your list made me smile and laugh.
I'm so glad you started a blog. I love your writing style!

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, Amy. I love the blog. Will have to get a feed to it so I can read it regularly!

Unknown said...

Congrats to you and Mike on becoming "survivors" and beating the odds. Marriage is a tough game with ambiguous rules but the rewards are worthwhile. Happy Anniversary, and keep up the great work on this fun blog! Best wishes, Tamara

Aleta said...

Happy Anniversary ~ Words to live by considering I'm getting married in January. Thanks for the smiles.

Andrea @ Momma in Flip Flops2 said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

SO True...."The side of the bed you choose on your wedding night is yours forever, so choose wisely."

Happy Anniversary you OLD folks!!