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Friday, June 12, 2009

Learned my lesson

Charlie came home from soccer practice on Wednesday night and was complaining a bit that his ankle was hurting. He said that someone slide tackled him "on purpose and the coach didn't call it!" I could tell he was exhausted and chalked the whining about the ankle up to fatigue. So I rubbed it a little and sent him to bed.

I went to work yesterday morning without a thought about the ankle, until I saw Charlie walk -- that is, limp -- past me at the swim meet yesterday evening. Not a bad limp, just a slight one. Mike had been home with them all day and didn't say anything to me about it, so I just shrugged it off.

Once we got home (early, thank you thunderstorm!), Charlie started complaining that his ankle was hurting. I looked at it and noted that it was a little swollen. But he didn't flinch too much when I moved it in several directions.

I gave him some ice to put on it, fairly certain that he was fine. Yet, something nagged at my mind. I've been in this situation before with Charlie. And I knew that I would be out of commission today, so I decided better safe than sorry and ran him up to the urgent care near our home. A quick exam and a few x-rays later, we came home with his only slightly sprained ankle wrapped in an ace bandage.

Ibuprofen for the pain/swelling -- $4
Co-pay for the urgent care visit -- $20
Peace of mind knowing I wasn't letting my kid walk around with a fracture (again) -- priceless


Joanne said...

Ohhh Amy I learned that lesson the hard way about 19 years ago. My son was playing catcher for his baseball team. There was a collision - he complained about his elbow - -I told him to stop whining. Just to keep him quiet I took him to the ER on our way home. Long story short 27 hours later he was in surgery to repair the damage. Talk about feeling like the most horrid mother on the planet.
Glad this second story of yours has a good ending!!!

Anonymous said...

Better safe than sorry. I've sat in the ER with minor problems before because I just wasn't sure! See what a good mom you are! and about you husband not