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Friday, June 26, 2009

Somebody stop me!

We do NOT need a dog. I do NOT want a dog.

Then why do I keep thinking about dogs?! Is this what a midlife crisis feels like? Could almost-39 be my midlife? (Don't answer that.)

I took Charlie to the Humane Society today to meet Chyna. Sweet greyhound mix Chyna. Seven-year-old, who's gonna adopt her Chyna? She was very sweet. Built like a greyhound, though smaller and not quite as skinny.


We took her out into the fenced area. She was quite happy to leave her kennel. But once we got into the play area outside, she didn't want to have much to do with us. Charlie was disappointed that she didn't want to play ball. Instead, she tried to hide between my legs. She didn't even want a treat. Sadly (and thankfully), Chyna is not meant to be in our house. If I lived alone, Chyna would be perfect. But I live with three kids (4 if you count Mike) who want a dog that will play with them.

We went back inside where Charlie was immediately taken by Ellie, who I was not enamored by at all. Ellie looks like she would chew your face off. As soon as we walked up to the kennel she was jumping up. I could just see myself spending the next 10 years trying to wrestle the dog into submission every time the doorbell rings. Besides, Ellie's info said "I'm sweet, but I need to work on my manners." Yeah, sorry Ellie. Better luck next time.


There was another dog who caught my eye, Beto. He looked a little like Benji and was an older dog as well. But lucky for me, Beto was just fixed yesterday, so I couldn't do anything more than coo to him through the kennel fence.

So we left, blessedly dog-less, and I felt pretty good about my level of personal restraint. Until I got home and found a Facebook message from my friend Kris whovolunteers for the Humane Society and who started this whole dog talk by posting a link on her own Facebook page.

"Check out this dog in the small dog room on he HSI website. VERY cool dog, and sturdy enough for your family, I think......I had him outside and he seemed like a perfect family dog. His name is Ricky."

Ricky is an Icelandic Sheepdog mix and is two years old:


As I said earlier, somebody stop me!

To show that I'm not anti-dog, just trying to maintain sanity (or the semblance of sanity) at home, I'll encourage you dog-minded folks to help Kris in her quest to get her Brutus crowned 2010 Mutt Strutt Poster Pooch. Vote for as little as $1.

Who could say no to this face:


To read more Kris's affectionate canine, and to cast your vote for Brutus, click here.


Momza said...


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Dont do it! You'll regret it, and I would hate to have to say I told you so when you post about the destruction!

Amy's Mom said...

STOP!STOP!STOP! You can't be serious! Just think of cleaning up messes and chewed up toys and underwear. Who has time to take him (her) out and bring him back in before your go ANYWHERE? And feed him and walk him and chase him whenever one of the kids accidentally lets him out the front door? Then there are the vet bills and dog food and treats and toys. And boarding when you go on vacation! Just visit a friend that has a dog when you feel like you want to pet or play with one. I'm not a dog hater, You know we have had several. But now doesn't seem to be the best time.

Shauna said...

(Hi, I'm new here! I've been reading your blog for a while, but this is my first comment!)

I have NO willpower when it comes to adopting pets. We got our first cat shortly after being married, and three years later we have two cats, a greyhound, a beta fish, and plans to adopt another greyhound at the end of the year. If we had more space, we'd have more animals. My husband and I are huge animal lovers.

I'm sure you're not going into the dog adoption process blindly and have thought about everything involved in bringing a pup into your home. Dogs can be a perfect addition to a family, and bring a lot of joy and great memories. But, they can also bring a lot of stress and frustration. It's important to know what your family needs from a dog, and find a dog that fits your needs.

We adopted a greyhound because they are lazy, quiet, don't need a lot of energy, and are good with kids. We got a greyhound who lays around all day, tortures the cats sometimes, is extremely timid, and needed a LOT of help adjusting into our home. The first few months were SO STRESSFUL for us, we thought we'd made a mistake. Fortunately, we had the time and patience to work with him, and now he's a wonderful pet. But if we'd had a busy schedule, or a bigger family, there's no way we could have kept him.

So, do your research! Talk about what you require from a dog, and talk to the humane society about those requirements. They'll be able to find a perfect match, that will benefit your family and ensure you won't have to take your new pup back to the HS if it doesn't work out.

Cheers, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

So not to encourage you any further..but have you seen Gertie?

She is SOO cute! Check her out!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I can't imagine life without my dogs. We lost our Ginger almost 2 years ago and Teagan still talks about her. I love the greyhound. And I don't think you can fully decide based on a few minutes in a pen at the pound. I bet that dog would be playful once she felt comfortable and such in a home environment!

Joanne said...

Amy I know you will make the best choice for the family but be very very fair to the dog too when you make the choice. I have just spent the last two days taking care of my son's puppy (yes I know a world of difference) and I couldn't believe no matter how much I thought my house was dog proof she found something to try and destroy.

I LOVE dogs -- had a dog when I got married he lived for almost 16 years and I said never again -- well never lasted 4 years and we got our lovely golden as a companion for my husband when he was sick. It was the best thing for us at the time but she was a lot of work and a ton of heartache when I had to put her down 3 years ago at the young age of 9 (BLOODY CANCER!!!). I had moved into a townhouse that had the perfect yard and fence for her. After I lost her I paved over the grass and tore down the fence -- this has saved me more than once from getting another dog.

I think I will just look forward to taking care of my son's dog.

As someone else said why don't you foster for a while and see if this is a good fit.

Good luck -- its painful sometimes when you see those gorgeous faces.

Ryan R. said...

Hey Amy, how about we "loan" you one of our dogs temporarily til you get over wanting one? Or you can always just come over and visit!

Amy said...

@Amy'sMom -- Oh, I knew you would have an opinion. I think my friend Beth was channeling you when she said this morning, "Amy, you need a dog like you need a hole in the head."

@strongerthanourfear -- Welcome! Thanks for speaking up! Your comment about busier schedules resonated with me. Thanks for talking some sense.

@Angie -- I did see Gertie. She is adorable. But I think Robbie would roll right over a dog like that. Haven't you been wanting a dog?!

@Ryan -- Speaking of dogS -- how did you get into the fostering thing?

Ryan R. said...

We got connected with a nice lady, Christine Francis, a retired IPS teacher that placed over 230 pets in 2008 through the trainer we had come over to show us some techniques to make Zoe a better behaved dog. Her website is and she is always looking for people to foster her brood whether for a week or two or longer. You receive all food and any other needs (leash, collar, crate, etc). She'll be very up front if a dog is not kid or pet friendly. It's a great way to dip your toe into dog ownership without the commitment!

Amy's Mom said...

Hey, Ryan, I like your suggestion of fostering. Amy, that might be perfect for you. It's kind of like being a Grandma- you get the hugs and kisses and fun and games, and then give them back!