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Thursday, June 11, 2009

My first time


People all around me were talking about it. On television, in the newspaper, in e-mail messages from people I know and people I don't. I finally decided I should do it too.

I was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect, hoping they would be gentle with me and not ridicule me for my inexperience. I shouldn't have worried.

Everyone couldn't have been nicer at my first "tweetup." (I'm talking about Twitter. What were you thinking?) I only recently started using Twitter (I'm @4thfrog for you tweeps out there) and am kind of learning as I go. I'm considering starting a Twitter account as part of our communications strategy at work, so I thought attending a tweetup would be a good idea.

I was right. I got some good ideas and learned a few tricks and tips from the folks at the table.

Basically, a tweetup is a casual meeting of Twitter users. I expected to find several nerdy types w/faces buried in Blackberries, iPhones and laptops. But what I found was some very normal and interesting folks, none of whom I would have pegged as nerdy. (Of course, some folks think I'm a bit nerdy, so maybe I'm not the most impartial judge.)

I met some people that I've been wanting to meet: @AmyStark and @NancyMyrland. Then I met some new folks that I'm happy to add to my Twitter follow list: @NilaNealy, @cballing, @theindywilsons. My friend @grumpo was also there, not grumpy at all, though a bit forgetful in not having my Diet Coke ready for me. (Yep, I've fallen off the wagon. But that's another post.)

Do you tweet? If so, have you been to a tweetup? It was really cool to take online acquaintances and meet them in real life! And quite frankly, I've come a long way in the last year.

Today may have been my first tweetup, but it won't be my last.


Nancy Myrland, Myrland Marketing said...

Amy, it was delightful to meet you face-to-face today! I wouldn't have known it was your first TweetUp! Nothing about you said
"1st TweetUp!" It was fun to talk about the University of Indianapolis, The Indiana Lawyer and everything else that came up. I love Twitter because it connects me with some very nice people, like you! Thanks for writing about today! See you next time!

Anonymous said...

I don't twitter. I don't really understand the purpose? Maybe I will try it out sometime and see.

Joanie said...

I set up a twitter account but have no idea how to access it or use it.

Sharon said...

My mind is in the gutter. You know what I was thinking at first. ;)

I'm jealous. I wanna go to a Tweetup where YOU are! lol
I have not been, and feel nervous to do so. I would like to, though.
Maybe I'll head your way and just tag along some time.
Good for you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.