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Saturday, June 13, 2009

You're gonna miss this...moment

Not sure when I came across Pam's blog, You're Gonna Miss This. But from time to time, she opens up a meme for folks to blog about things they are gonna miss someday because life is too darn short.

Look at me and my big boy bike!

Robbie's new bike3

Robbie's new bike2

Robbie's new bike1


Pam said...

Hi Amy! Welcome! I love your blog design & title! Very clever!! I am so glad you joined me for this carnival! I have one still in training wheels too that it so sweet! last night we tried to take a ride together, but my tire was flat so i had to follow them in the van. bummer! kiahna rides at exactly 2 mph. uhg! she can't go any faster because she was too busy looking back at me ever 3.2 seconds to make sure i was still there and smiling at me! such precious times!! (hoping my dad gets my bike fixed for me very soon so we don't have to do that again!!!) this is a wonderful moment! hope you come and join me again!

Sharon said...

Aww! What a heart-tugger!
Great idea.
It seems there are so many things lately I've thought I'll miss.
Maybe I'll join in. :)

You have a handsome boy, Amy!

Unknown said...

Great moment! It all blows by so fast!

Anonymous said...

He is a big boy! Now you have to do something about the Independence anxiety you'll have.."Just to the end of the block and turn around!" There are so many little moments. That's why we blog. To jog our memories as they get older. So much simpler than scrapbooking. LOL

Bobbi & Noe said...

This is adorable. What a big boy!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the link you posted in your comment on my blog. I told my husband about it and think we may try to check it out this summer!