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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hey doc!


I know doctors and nurses and other medical type folks have heard it all. This afternoon, Robbie was having a meltdown because the "carnival" (a bounce house, an inflatable slide and hot dog lunch) in our neighborhood closed before we got there. Never mind the fact that he got to go swimming for an hour.

So, he came home and turned on the whines and the waterworks. When I told him that I could do nothing about the fact that the carnival was over he didn't stop crying, but did switch his complaints, looking for sympathy wherever he could get it.

Among his complaints:
  • My leg is skinny!
  • My tonsils are hurting! (He had them removed two years ago, which I reminded him of.)
  • My tonsils are coming in!
  • My hair is hurting!
  • My ears are cold!
Fortunately, none of the above are life-threatening. Unless you're six years old and your life is all about going to the neighborhood carnival that closed before you got there.


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh poor baby! I know, I'm not helping. Am I?

Sharon said...

My tonsils are coming in!!! Love it!! LOL

I can picture Aidan saying everything he said.
Oy. It surprises me just HOW dramatic a young boy can be. Didn't expect that one!