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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A teensy weensy (shameless) favor


There is a great conference happening in Indianapolis is August. I attended the first Blog Indiana last year and learned so much and met some great people, even if I was a little overwhelmed.

Well, this year at Blog Indiana they'll be giving out the Blindy Awards (think that's bl-IN-dee as opposed to bl-eye-ndee) for the best blogs and social media sites in Indiana.

So, if you think the 4th Frog might be worthy, would you please click this link and nominate me for Best Hoosier Blogger. Or nominate me for a new category: Best Hoosier Family Life Blog.

Of course, I don't actually expect to win. There are lots of awesome Hoosier blogs -- Gabi's World, Bargain Briana, Lynn's Addiction, Eternal Lizdom to name a few (check out their links to the right). Not to mention the heavy hitters like Moosh in Indy and Pasta Queen. Still, I'd love to see if the 4th Frog can hang with those peeps a bit.

And if you are a Hoosier blogger, check out Blog Indiana. Maybe I'll see you there!


Sharon said...


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Of course I read it as Bl-IN-dy! Maybe that's because of my location? And aww thanks for the mention, but with my blog neglect lately, I hardly feel worthy of it! I'll be sure to vote for you! I plan on putting up a post later tonight again... that's if the rest of the house cooperates with my plans!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Hey about the DM for Twitter... easier to respond here since I don't have to limit it to 140 characters!

Nope you can't do it! I just did a test of it. I thought you could get around it with the Twitterfon app on iphone, but when I tried it says "You cannot send a DM to a person that does not follow you!" Sorry :(

Anonymous said...

Ivoted , too! So that's 3 at least.