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Friday, July 24, 2009

*Poof!* It's gone!

Today was payday. I always feel so rich on payday. We go out to eat without thinking too much about it because we have money! I think of doing things like getting a pedicure (desperately needed!) and buying new shoes with which to show off my post-pedicure pretty toes.

But, because I only get paid once a month, today's is the last paycheck I'll get before the kids go back to school. So in addition to paying the routine monthly bills, we have to buy all the stuff that comes with back to school:
  • New tennies for all three kids
  • New backpack for Robbie (I want him to feel like he's getting a fresh start for his kindergarten repeat.)
  • Navy blue polo shirts for Annie
  • Buckets of bleach to try to salvage the boys' white shirts from last year (Can bleach really get rid of the marker, chocolate milk, dirt, snot, and blood stains?)
  • The traditional school supplies -- markers, crayons, protractors, rulers, folders, etc.
  • Blue icee packs for lunch boxes b/c the ones I bought last year are long gone
What's left of my paycheck will go to soccer fees, gymnastics lessons, OT for Robbie, etc. Before you know it, what seemed like a good chunk of money on my direct deposit slip will be gone.

Not everything will be paid in full. Out of necessity, I've become comfortable with paying for things over time. Kind of like life on lay-away. Thank goodness for Mike's Target checks (he gets paid twice a month) which we'll use for gas and groceries.

Hmmm...maybe I should start playing the lottery.


Eternal Lizdom said...

I so feel you.

I used to get paid monthly. When our company got bought, we went to the new company's system- every other Friday. at first, I
actually didn't like it! I liked paying all my bills at once and knowing what was left was all my leftover money.

But now I am used to the every other week thing and I like how it works. It's more of a hastle to keep track of bills... but I like getting refreshed more frequently.

But it is never enough. There is always something more that is needed. T starts preschool next Monday so I know we need to buy new school clothes, a back pack, school shoes, and pay her registration and first and last month's ballet classes. Oy.

Joanie said...

I hear ya, sister! I get a support check once a month and it goes fast!
I think I had $70 left over this month. Good thing I have a job!

Sharon said...

That's us, too, every paycheck. It stinks, but it does keep us in the right frame of mind to remember the difference between wants and needs. I still want a heck of a lot more, though.

Nate's Mom said...

I hear you on this one! We will be hitting the school supplies soon too. Fortunately, grandma buys the kids each a new backpack every year. One less thing to worry about. But shoes...for four boys!

At least the new school year will bring new things to blog about.

Sheri in CA