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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fit to be blogging

Fit City logo

I really like blogging. I like the format - as casual or as formal, as humorous or as serious as my mood strikes. I like the choice to vary the length of my posts. Sometimes, I just need two lines to say what I want to say. Other times, I need more. I like the opportunity to interact with people who comment about my posts.

So when I was asked to write for another blog, I was all for it. Until I realized it's a blog about health and fitness. Who? Me? But, I agreed to meet with the woman and chat about the opportunity. And I'm glad I did.

The blog is the Fit City Moms Blog and, as Lisa Vielee explained to me, they were looking for "real" voices -- those of moms who are doing the very real dance of trying to take care of themselves and their families while also getting the laundry done, taking the cat to the vet and locating the lost library book.

I'll be writing about once a month at Fit City. There are four other moms blogging there, offering information and insight on fitting health and fitness into the job description of "mother." Though Fit City is an Indianapolis initiative, there are plenty of resources -- from recipes to entertaining ideas, to fitness tips that you'll find useful even if you don't live in Indianapolis. Check it out here.

You can read my first post, "Turning 39: The Year of Not Dying," here. If you venture over there, be sure to leave me a comment to say "hey!"


Sharon said...

Hey, congrats on branching out! How exciting. :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Very cool!! You've definitely found some great local blogging opportunities! If you ever have too many- feel free to refer some my way!

I think it's a great fit for you, Amy. You will do well and bring a real voice to the project!

Lisa said...

The rest of the FitCity Moms, myself included, are lucky to have you join our ranks! I'll climb those stairs if you will. :-)