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Saturday, November 7, 2009

All in a day's work

I've been saying for weeks that I'm gonna clean out my closet. Today was the day. Here it is before (minus the ironing board and iron that I already put away before I took the picture -- that's the one sorta clear spot you can see on the floor):

closet before

Nearly 4 hours later:


Sadly, though, after all that work I'm still missing the mates to four pairs of shoes. I thought for sure I'd find them under all that stuff!


Sharon said...

My jaw just hit the floor.

Nice work. If you miss cleaning, I'll send you my address. Plenty to do around here.

Twist said...

You need to come and clean our spare room!

Annie said...

Awesome job!! Doesn't it feel great to have that done?! Good for you! :-)

Momza said...

Wow. I would never take a picture of my closet and put it out there!
I'm just a big fat chicken I guess.
But you DID! And that's one of the many reasons you are so dang awesome!

Amy said...

@momza -- LOL! Well, I'm not sure I realized the pics would be so BIG. Might have to edit them to be a bit smaller. But yep, there you have it. My (former) mess.

Joanne said...

You don't need no stinking Peter Walsh - you rocked it out yourself. And yes THAT's a Walk in Closet (I am now suffering from closet envy)

Especially love the fresh vacuum marks -- sign of a clean clean closet.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Nicely done!! Proud of you.

So many parts of my house look like your before pic... and most of it is Jeff's crap. *sigh*

Joanie said...

Good job on the closet!

I cleaned out my hallway closet the other day too. It was mostly Dani's crap from high school.

I need to do the spare bedroom, but I've been avoiding it like the plague! Dani has that room completely trashed!

Shelley said...

I have my appointment book out: when are you available to drive over and tackle my laundry room?

Waiting anxiously for your reply!

Nate's Mom said...

WOW! I love the before and after. That gives me hope that there is still carpet in my cloest. No time for it right now, sigh. From the comments, it looks like you will be too busy for a jaunt to California...the weather's nice. I'll even throw in a drive to Yosemite :-)


Cindi said...

I'm really impressed that you got all that done in only 4 hours! It took me a total of about 10 hours to clean out my closet this fall.