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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Biggest Loser: As Annie sees it

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This Biggest Loser wrap-up is courtesy of guest blogger Annie from Fairies 'n' Firecrackers.

Firecracker Annie

The show started with a pop challenge. Alli announced that the weigh-in would be a little different this time and there would be two lines. The usual yellow line with two people under it and a lower red line with one person below it. The person under the red line will go home automatically. They’ll vote on the yellow line, so two people will go home this week. There’s never been a red line. Bob said, “A red line…what the hell?!” I thought that, too! Jillian pulled Bob aside and said that Shay needs to be here. Jillian doesn’t think that Shay is going to do well and is concerned that she’ll go home and fail. What is up with Bob and Amanda?! Why is he worried about her so much? Weird.

Commercial break. I'm hungry and haven't had dinner yet. Hubby is in charge of that tonight.

Danny seems worried about that red line, big time. People are falling over at the gym. Danny doesn’t feel great. He’s hurting and “feels dead”. Let’s hope not. Jillian kicked him out of the gym because he’s over-trained. Dr. Phillian is with Shay on the stairs. Man she’s working her! She really feels that Shay needs another week!

Commercial break. Trainer tip: Monitor your caloric intake of liquids. A 20 oz bottle of fruit juice is how many servings? Answer: 2 ½! That's 30-40 grams of sugar per serving, more than a can of soda!

The “old” folks are teaming up. Rudy, Allen, Danny and Liz. They’re afraid that the younger ones will quickly vote one of them off. Rebecca is quitting according to Jillian. Jillian tells her that all she has is this very moment. Rebecca is in tears with Amanda in their room. “I need this to be the week that I figure it out." She hasn’t figured it out yet?! Come on! Jillian pulls Shay and Amanda out of the gym to see where their heads are. Jillian says, "24 hour fitness" three times in one sentence.

Commercial break. Man, this Papa John’s pizza is good. That’s right, I’m eating pizza while watching The Biggest Loser. My husband ordered it for dinner. It’s good!

The contestants are at a circus for their challenge. What are they doing at a circus for their challenge? Hoops are being lowered. Trampolines, hoops, and mats. Jump through your opponents hoop, every time you do, they get one point. 100 points = you’re out. Last one standing wins. Prize is immunity! Whoa. 8people, two are going home, that leaves only 6 and one gets immunity. This is big, folks! Looks like Liz is getting hit by the young kids. The big guys are going after Amanda. Shay is struggling to get herself through the hoops. Liz is out. Amanda is next. Who’s next? Daniel is out. Big guys are against Rebecca next. Kids are against Allen, he’s out. Now it is Danny and Rudy against Rebecca. She’s out. Shay, Rudy, and Danny are left. Rudy and Shay area fighting because she made an alliance with her at the start of the challenge and now he's trying to get her out with Danny. Shay is out. Danny vs. Rudy. Danny has 77, Rudy has only 5. Danny is out. Rudy wins immunity, no red line for him. Back to campus and Daniel, Shay, Amanda and Rebecca stole bikes out of the gym and they’re working out in Shay’s bedroom while the others sleep at night. That's crazy!

Commercial break. The Blind Sidemovie just previewed. That looks really good!

Product placement with Bob, Liz and Danny. Larabars in the cherry pie flavor which are made solely of almonds, dates, and unsweetened cherries. Time for the last chance workout with Bob. He took them off campus and went to some place full of trapeze bars. Bob talks to Shay about how much she needs to be here. These trapeze bars are kind of wonky, but cool at the same time. Looks like a great work-out.

Commercial break again. That wasn’t long.

Jillian gives them all a last-chance work-out at the campus gym. She works each of them hard! There’s the moon... must be time to weigh-in. Ever notice that they always show the moon at this point in the show? Creepy. Let’s see how they did!

Rudy goes first: previous 332 current: 324 -8 this week
Next is Shay starting 476, previous 393, current:

Commercial break! Darn it, why do they do that?!

Shay’s current weight: 376 -17 pounds!!!!! She just lost a total of 100 pounds in 9 weeks!! 4.33%! WOW!
Amanda 250 starting. Previous 207 current: 202 -5 pounds this week. 2.42%
Rebecca starting: 279 previous 219 current: 209 -10 this week. 4.57% that puts her in first place
Danny is next starting: 430 previous 333 current:

Another commercial. Ugh

Danny’s current weight: 316 -17 pounds, he just lost 100 in 9 weeks too! Wow. 114, to be exact.That’s amazing! 5.11% puts him in first place.

Three people left.

Allen has a one pound advantage. He won it during the pop challenge. 325 starting, previous, 253. Current: 243 -10 pounds. 4.35% with the one pound advantage.
Liz is up. 276 starting, previous 218 current: 206 -12 pounds. She looks thin this week. Good for her! 5.50% puts her in first place.
Shay is now below the yellow line by .02%
Daniel is last. Starting weight: 454 previous 261, current:

Go figure…another commercial!

Daniel’s current weight is: 256 -5 pounds which puts 1.92% and under the red line. He’s going home….again.

Shay and Amanda are below the yellow line together. Bob’s worst night-mare? The others have an hour to decide, as usual. Shay is fighting for her life and wants to stay. Amanda is fighting, too. They both want it and are showing it. I’d much rather see that than the usual “oh send me, they need it more” crap that we’ve seen the last few weeks. I know who I’d be voting for. Let’s see who gets sent home.

Rebecca goes first. She voted for, Shay.
Allen voted for Shay as well.

What the heck people?!

Danny is next. He voted for Amanda.
Liz is next. She’s playing the game…..and votes for Amanda. Surprise, surprise!
2 votes for each of them. It is up to Rudy.

Commercial break!

Rudy votes for Shay.
Shay lost 100 pounds in 9 weeks. She set a record and she’s going home. Her goal is to lose 213 pounds by December for the finale and beat that record, too. They didn't show her "now", just her home-coming 24 hours after she got voted off.

Daniel has lost 215 pounds in a year. He visited David, who he started the biggest loser with him last season. David said that weight-loss isn’t a priority right now and feels healthy. Daniel tells him that he's there for him whenever he decides to lose the weight. The end of the show said that Daniel has a girlfriend who he hopes to introduce to America at the finale. (do I smell a proposal?)

Make-over week next week!!! So fun!

Thanks so much, Annie! I was awake for the show (and definitely awake by the wretched end!), but in no condition to do a write up. I'll just add that I am so disappointed that Shay was voted off that I'm tempted to stop watching the show.

I'm not surprised that Rebecca and Rudy voted for Shay. But Allan? He's a Hoosier and we have more decency than that. The only contestant I'm not totally turned off by now is Danny. Guess he's my new favorite. Sigh...

To end on a good note, both Danny and Shay were on the Jay Leno show right after TBL. He has lost 230 pounds; she's lost 150. They both look great!


Annie said...

I missed them on Leno! Bummer. I should have added that I was PISSED that Shay was voted off! Really pissed!

Joanie said...

Thanks Annie! You did a great job!

Did anyone else notice the Dunkin Donuts commercial during the show?? That just cracked me up!

Also, did you see how CALM Amanda was at the vote? I think she knew she was safe. Amanda is no help to anyone on this show. She has consistently pulled the lowest numbers. Shay NEEDS to be there! She isn't there for the game. Rudy, that redneck, is now on my list!
Everyone I liked is gone. Liz just pisses me off. Rudy is a snake. Amanda is a ditz and a crybaby. The only ones who haven't completely annoyed me are Rebecca (but she has her moments), Allen and Danny. Danny is starting to annoy me. Liz's goo goo eyes at Danny all the time is just plain creepy.

I liked Daniel and I liked Shay. Daniel looked wonderful! I was disappointed they didn't show Shay. Is she not doing well at home? Or did they just run out of time? I'm really hoping they invite Shay back next season to finish what she started, like they did for Daniel!

Joanne said...

Good job well done Annie -- can't add any more than my own disgust with some of the people I thought were decent. I was worried that we didn't see Shay's transformation so I made sure I watched Leno.

Davo said...

Definately depressing that they voted Shay off the show. I mean, really? Shay definately needs to be there more.

So Danny lost 230 pounds and Shay 150...on Leno? I wonder if Danny will win the show; or at least make the finalists? I mean, from week 1 they seemed to focus more on him and sort of build him up.

How much do you want to bet that they bring Shay back next season?

How much do you bet someone gets a chance to return to the ranch in the next week or two? I hope it's not like in season 6 wher the most fit contestant won a challenge to get in. Maybe hopefully a pop challenge like guessing calories or something.

I'm still pissed that they voted Shay off. I mean come on. I like Amanda but Amanda is definately in better health than Shay.

Vicki said...

I think Shay said it well. She said she wasn't there to play the game,she needed to be there for her life. Amanda deserves to be there? Excuse me. Where does she get that notion?
I'm hoping that she goes next,followed by Liz.

Michelle said...

It's too late to let anyone else back on the show. Next week is makeovers, then the week after that, if they follow the pattern, we'll see who we get to choose to go for the $100k or the $250k. But maybe they'll do for Shay like they did for Daniel!

In Daniel's case, the weight loss he says is over two seasons. I don't think he'll win, but it's nice to see him and Shay looking good. On Leno, did you see the look between them when Jay mentioned Tracy? Funny!

As it stands now, I really hope Danny or Allen wins. Sorry, Pinks, but you're just not inspirational this year.

Anonymous said...

I was very disappointed with this episode! I am not a big Amanda fan (I get tired of her whole "America CHOSE ME" speech. And the Bob/Amanda relationship kind of freaks me out).

I thought Shay looked great on Leno. I'm looking forward to seeing her at the finale. I'm also really curious about Daniel's girlfriend. Doug and I think it's Rebecca. :-P

It was an entertaining episode, that's for sure.

Joanie said...

Here is a link for Jay Leno when Shay and Daniel were on last night. Please pardon the link... it's kind of a sexy site but the video is a good 5+ minutes long. I was sooo glad to see how well Shay has done and Daniel looks amazing!!!!

Sharon said...

Great post, Annie! :)

OK, I was also tempted to not watch again after seeing them send Shay home. Unbelievable. I was yelling at my tv, alright! How stupid. I was surprised Rudy sent voted for her. So disappointed.

I don't think Amanda deserves to be there at all. And frankly, I can't stand Rebecca or Liz that much, either. I would have much rather see one of them go home, just not Shay or Daniel. Daniel is so kind.

What IS with Bob and Amanda? As far as I know, he's gay, right? So that's not what's happening? It's annoying his pull for her.

I agree w/ Joanie-I hope they bring Shay back!

stewbert said...

Thanks for the run down -- I'm having a hard time watching this season. I'm annoyed Shay went home, but it was time for Daniel. Shay does look great in that clip. Just watched the beginning when she came out from behind her picture. Awesome.

Carrie said...

Nice job, Annie!

I will have to respectfully disagree with most of you. I was not angry to see Shay go - although keeping Amanda was a baffling decision. But Shay has done well on her own, and her constant comments about how it's not fair because she's so much bigger, etc. just grated on me. I was thrilled to see her lose 100 pounds this week and could completely understand why she was upset about going home this same week.

Daniel looks great and I think it was time for him to go. He just didn't seem to be into it anymore.

I still like Rudy, and don't think he did anything wrong. The gameplay was ugly all around this week and for Shay to tear into him during the challenge because he was playing the same way she did - just more successfully - was wrong.

Pink team is not inspiring, Liz is grumpier every week - I think she needs a sandwich! I like Danny and Rudy. Bob needs to get over this thing with Amanda, and Jillian is going to lose her mind when she sees Shay is gone.

I'm rooting for them all to be successful, but this is not one of my favorite seasons.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Annie! I enjoyed reading your post. Love that you were eating pizza during the show. LOL. ;)


Connie said...

On Leno Shay looked great! I was really surprised how much thinner her face looked.

Did Jill really say 24 hour fitness three times? No wonder I keep wanting to join a gym!

Deby said...

I'm not happy with Rudy and if the rest of them don't gang up on him he may end up being The Biggest Loser! I really don't want to see that happen.

Love the idea that it may be Rebecca that will be announced as Daniel's love interest. The way she ran up to the scale when he fell below the red line could be very telling!

Amy said...

@Carrie - You're right about Shay doing great at home. And it will probably go a long way that she can see that she's got it within herself to do this. That she doesn't need the ranch.

All you people who see Rebecca and Daniel...really? I just don't see it. But who knows!

Michelle said...

I noticed the Jillian "24 Hour Fitness" repetition. That was annoying. And the product placement was just so blatant with those bars (and don't eat it now, Liz!).
Then watching Leno online now (I didn't know about it so I didn't DVR it. Now I guess I'll have to each week?!)... Shay works out that much STILL! Go girl!
But honestly, in real life to work out THAT many hours a day! Not realistic, unless that's all you want to do....