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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dear So-and-So...

Dear So and So...

Joanie first introduced me to Dear So-and-So a while back and I LOVED it. Of course, it's easy to love when she does it so well. Tonight I feel like giving it a whirl:

Dear Kids,

You know that "meat" sauce you loved on the rigatoni tonight? It was actually soy crumbles! Ha ha! Fooled ya!

Your Sneaky Mom


Dear Kris Brown, Houston Texans Kicker,

Don't feel bad. It was just one missed kick...that could have put your team into overtime with a chance to win a game you guys deserved to win.

Sympathetically yours,
A Colts Fan


Dear Indianapolis Colts,

You owe Kris Brown a thank you note. And you need to re-visit your roster to see that Reggie Wayne is NOT a quarterback.

Irritated but still loyal fan,


Dear Students & Staff at today's high school open house,

Nicely done. Even my kid was impressed.

A Protective Mother


Dear Shoplifter at Target,

Wearing one bra is uncomfortable enough. I can't imagine wearing three at once. And with your toddler in tow, too. Nice lesson, Ma. Glad you got caught.

Vengefully yours,
Lady Who Actually Pays for her Merchandise

For the original Dear So-and-So'er, click the picture at the top of the post.


Annie said...

LOL! That is so funny!!

Sharon said...

Stealing bras by wearing them out?! Sounds like a moron!

And woo-hoo for the soy crumbles. LOL
Now that you posted it, do they know the truth?

Joanne said...

Excellent job - love them.
Have to run and tell my hubby about the game -- although I am sure he read about it online. He LOVES the Colts.

Dontcha love feeding the kids stuff that's good for them and they think it tastes good!!!

Nate's Mom said...

This was cool and random. I love random blog posts. I also love tofu crumble, lol.


Joanie said...

Great job! (clapping!!!)

And way to go on fooling those kids! I used to cook veal and tell the kids it was chicken. Got 'em every time!

Shelley said...

Laughing, like, SO HARD.

Okay. I am gagging at "soy crumbles." Stop that right now, Amy.

Amy said...

@Shelley - I would never intentionally use soy crumbles. But my dh had to make vegetarian chili for work and we had some left over Boca crumbles. Trying to be frugal and not wasteful, I tossed them in the pasta sauce. And truthfully, they weren't bad. Not that I'm going to buy them again, though.