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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Biggest Loser: Malfunction

From time to time, technology fails me. Tonight is one of those times. Our cable receiver malfunctioned and didn't record The Biggest Loser. I did catch the weigh in, but I'm clueless as to what happened before that.

So, I'm asking for some help. Please respond with answers to the following questions:
  1. The challenge I enjoyed the most this week was ______________.
  2. The winners of the challenge were _____________ and their prize was _________.
  3. The segment of this episode I could have done without was _______________.
  4. The "Drama Queen" award of the week goes to ___________ for__________.
  5. The "I Kicked Butt" award of the week goes to ___________ for __________.
  6. The best trainer moment was _______________.
  7. The worst trainer moment was _______________.
  8. The team/player I'm ready to see gone is _____________.
  9. My favorite team right now is ________________.
  10. I picked the team in #9 because _______________.
Ok, watching the weigh in, I'm hearing that Green team has a 2 pound disadvantage and it came from the Red team. Someone clue me in on that, please!

And that's where The Biggest Loser started looking like the Jerry Springer show with the Red team and the Green team mouthing off at each other. Wish they could just toss both those teams off and bring back Yellow and Blue. I think that if Miggy goes home, then Migdalia might stand a chance to let down her guard and do the real work of healing herself inside and out.

Tied. 3-3. Please, Black team. Do the right thing. Keep Migdalia and send Miggy home.

Crap! I think that was absolutely the wrong thing to do. I guess only time will tell.

At home, Migdalia struggled at first, gaining 10 pounds. She's lost a total of 46 pounds, which I certainly won't poo poo. And she's done it as a single mom while her husband is overseas in Iraq. I'm hoping that she's using this time away from her mom to learn how to stop stuffing her feelings. I think her attitude is as detrimental to her health as her excess weight.


Jenny McB said...

1. The challenge I enjoyed the most this week was the first challenge where they had to run a "president's mile" bring back a card and collect three check marks. Based on how much they were sweating, I think this took a while.
2. The winners of the challenge were the red team and their prize was Huge....immunity, take one person/team out of the gym for the week (Brother who is there by himself who has been using the pool due to his knee),give one team 2 lbs and take away a vote from a player for elimination (they took white's vote). I thought they chose well.
3. The segment of this episode I could have done without was Jillian and Bob talking to the red team, let it go and let them play the game.
4. The "Drama Queen" award of the week goes to Jillian for not letting go of the fact that red team won't admit to lying.
5. The "I Kicked Butt" award of the week goes to Gray team for not giving up and being gracious with the phone calls.
6. The best trainer moment was Bob making the contestants run after eating out at Subway.
7. The worst trainer moment was Jillian and the ziplock bag product placement, so phony_.
8. The team/player I'm ready to see gone is the green team, neither wants to be there or have fun .
9. My favorite team right now is black team, very sweet_.
10. I picked the team in #9 because they are flying under the radar and seem nice to everyone.

It was a head case show tonight, I felt bad for the others during the swearing. How awkward it must be to want to be there and have others who want to go home.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I didn't take notes but I'll try:

The challenge I enjoyed the most this week was when the players had to lift themselves (think pullies and a platform) 120 up into the air. Major showdown between Red and Silver/Gray.

The winners of the challenge were Gray team and their prize was phone calls home for themselves and 3 other teams that they got to pick.

The segment of this episode I could have done without was Red & Green ... endless drama!

The "Drama Queen" award of the week goes to Melissa for "my integrity means everything to me and you called me a liar on national TV" ... GIVE ME A BREAK! She lied and she needs to admit it and move on. I do admire her husband for standing up for her though.

The "I Kicked Butt" award of the week goes to Koli for pushing a wheelbarrow, with Sam in it, up a hill after/because Jillian said it was impossible.

The best trainer moment was Jillian sticking to her guns and refusing to accept that Melissa might not have lied. Hubby says "you called her a liar." Jillian's response? "Because she's lying!" LOL!

The worst trainer moment was hmmmm .... not sure. Probably the Ziploc product placement spot with Jillian stuffing produce into plastic bags.

The team/player I'm ready to see gone is RED & GREEN. Either order!

My favorite team right now is Silver/Gray. Good attitudes and generous encouraging spirits. I like Black & Pink too.

I picked the team in #9 because see above. :)

Foot race (with some luck involved at beginning of episode/week for Immunity and Responsibility. Red won it. (YUCK!) Responsibility came in the form of 3 envelopes to assign. I thought they should generate good will by keeping all 3 penalties to themselves since they had immunity. Maybe that wasn't allowed? It's what I would have done if possible given the circumstances. Anyway ... they gave John no gym access because he does most of his workouts in the pool. No vote went to Michael in fear of retribution for last week's comments. 2 pound penalty went to green. Melissa said no game play. She thought they were due for a good week. Miggy said she lies but that's what liars do! Miggy and Migdalia went through the week with major bad attitude and it showed on the scale.

For what it's worth. I wish Migdalia had a chance to be there without Mom but I don't blame her for wanting to be home with 2 young kids and hubby headed to Afghanistan.

There ya go! :)

Joanie said...

Oh Amy! You missed some good fireworks!!! I'm surprised Green team didn't go after Melissa on Red Team!!!

Green is a good color for those ladies because they have become TOXIC in their bad attitude!

I don't pay attention to the names of the challenges.

I'm not good at answering these questions. guess I should take notes (but I rely on YOU to do that! LOL)

Basically, Red Team won immunity and had to put the screws to 3 other teams. Brown team couldn't use the gym for a week (he did use the pool and they did a lot of the workouts outdoors) White Team had no vote at the elimination. And finally, Green team got a 2 pound disadvantage!!!! They were PISSED and made sure EVERYONE knew it!!! I really liked them the first week but now, they are so negative and mean and whiny, everyone wants them GONE!!!

In the second challenge, each team had to stand on this platform and hoist themselves up 120 feet to the too of the thingy. Gray Team won this and came very close to losing to Red Team. The prize was calls home and they were also allowed to give calls home to 3 other teams. Those went to Red (grrrrr they deserve nothing!), Green (trying to appease them I think) and Brown Team.

OK, so you know what happened once the weigh-ins started. Green Team is just awful, awful awful and even though Migdalia asked to be sent home (big f'ing crybaby) half the teams nearly sent Miggy (the bee-atch!) home!!! I hope Miggy gets sent home next... or better yet, someone from Red!

I don't think Red is going to pull the crap they've been pulling any more. It was SO obvious she pulled back and didn't lose on purpose and worse was she lied repeatedly about it.

Gray team is awesome, Red Team are cheaters, Green is Toxic and I'm just not crazy about Pink.
Next week, if you saw the previews, Yellow and Blue come back to weigh in, and I think someone goes to the hospital and I think he or she doesn't return to the ranch.

Deby said...

We've been having trouble with satellite signals on our HD receiver lately ourselves. Channel 2 wasn't coming in last Sunday when the Colts and Jets played (still got to see the game on a TV hooked to a non-HD receiver), but worked fine on Channel 11 when the Saints and Vikings played.

So you can imagine my irritation when I sat down to tune into Channel 4 and The Biggest Loser last night and that d*mn "searching for a satellite" bar showed up! The only channel not receiving and it had to be the one I wanted to watch!!! Thank goodness for the bedroom TV!!!!

I wasn't too happy when Melissa only lost 11 lbs. Didn't last week's previews hint that she would be losing 28 lbs??? 214 to 186, that's what I saw on the scale!

Oh, well, looks like lots more drama next week! But can you really believe what you see on the previews??

Eternal Lizdom said...

Joanie covered it pretty dang well. We actually did watch it. The most entertaining to me was the fireworks between Jillian and the Red Team. i thought Jillian was going to literally explode!!!