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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Biggest Loser: The notorious Week 2

In light of the fact that I'll be meeting with my new trainer on Friday for my first real workout, the opening scenes in the gym of the Biggest Loser made me more than a little nervous. I'm pretty sure that I didn't hear anyone at Life Time Fitness screaming and hollering like the BL contestants.

I have to say that I'm having a hard time getting into this season of the Biggest Loser so far. I don't know if it's too many contestants to keep track of at this point or if it's that the so seems so much more scripted and overly dramatic than previous seasons, but tonight I felt a bit disengaged as I watched. So if this post isn't up to snuff, I apologize.

Some things that struck me in this episode included:

John (Brown Team) - His dad died when John and his twin brother James (who was sent home last week) were just 15 years old. Three months later, their grandma died. Three months after that their died. I can totally understand eating to bury that pain.

Patti (Purple Team) - in talking with Dr. H. about her 20 year history of Type 2 diabetes said "I didn't have symptoms that interfered with my day to day life, so I was in denial." Oh, sister, I've been paddling the same canoe.

Anyone else think Michael looks like an oversized Kramer from Seinfeld?

Why is Jillian wearing those big Uggs in the gym? Hello? Tennis shoes?

The teams were given a series of "medical tasks" that were meant to wake them up to the severity of the consequences associated with their weights. Most of these tasks seems contrived and a little heavy handed.

White -- Watch a normal weight man simulate a daily task at your weight. Put 330 pounds on Bob to simulate Mike's excess weight -- it was really condescending. Not sure it would have made an impact on me.

Purple -- Watch a special message about how your health is hurting more than just yourselves. Patti's husband and Stephanie's dad and sister met with Dr. H. The conversation was ultimately one of guilt trips and scare tactics.

Red -- Find out the true cost of your being overweight. An armored truck arrived carrying over $3M to represent the money Lance and Maria will lose over the course of their lifetime because of their weight -- medical expenses, lost wages, etc. That was actually pretty eye opening.

Orange -- Watch how your old unhealthy diet affects a healthy person. Jillian has to eat one of their meals pre-BL. Bad news for Taco Bell -- that's what most of the food on the table looked like. I was glad to see it -- especially how many of those items had more than 20 grams of fat -- because a Taco Bell opened just outside my neighborhood today. Knowing what's really in that food will make it easier for me to stay away.

This week's challenge was a balance challenge. A beam 3.5" wide and 40' across stretched over a pool. Each team had to get 10 beach balls across the beam. If the person fell in, they had to start over. Winner would get immunity while the losing team would get a 2lb. penalty at the weigh in.

Maria of the white team was panicked because she is afraid of water and can't swim (though they were wearing life preservers.) I don't know why so many of the contestants kept walking sideways. One foot in front of the other seemed like it would be the best option.

Red team (Melissa and Lance) won immunity and were quite elated by it. Then it came down to the white team and the brown team trying not to be last. Maria (white) stepped on the balance beam, panicked, fell and got a bloody nose. Apparently it was more than a bloody nose b/c the ambulance came, they put her on the backboard and took her to the hospital. Too bad for them, not finishing earned them a 2 pound penalty awaiting at the weigh in.

I found Maria to be whiny and annoying and full of excuses. Wonder how long she'll last? I'm officially sick of the white team already.

A big chunk of time was taken up by meetings with Dr. H. But at this point, I lost a contact lens, so I was a bit distracted.

Last chance workout. The red team is already playing the game. They have immunity, so Melissa is planning to sandbag her weight loss to save up for next week. Lance lost 8. She gained 1 and owned up to the gameplay. I'm sorry, but that's just irritating. I would like the show just as much, if not better if it was all about the weight loss and not the cash prize. Then people might stay focused on why they are really there.

Add red team to the list of teams on my "go home already" list.

Weigh in:
Gray team - down 17 combined (8/9)
Pink team - down 13 combined (8/5) - remind me of Helen and her daughter
Green team - down 12 combined (4/8)
Purple team - down 7 combined (4/3)
Orange team - down 10 combined (3/7)
Brown team - down 10 - John weighing in by himself
Black team - down 15 combined (5/10)
White team - down 21 combined (10/11)

Which means that someone from the Purple Team - either Patti or Stephanie -- would be sent home. Patti asked to be sent home so her daughter Stephanie could stay. As a mother, I would make the same request. The teams respected her wish and sent Patti home.

The Biggest Loser transformation moment - Patti's lost 43 pounds so far and got a sassy new haircut. She's well on her way and looks great! Even better, she's gone from taking 9 medications daily to taking just 2.

By the end of the show, I was feeling the love a bit more because the weight losses are always inspiring. But I hope the character or attitude or whatever it is that's out of whack this season gets back in line for next week.


Eternal Lizdom said...

It's funny- I haven't watched the show in several seasons but did tune in for the last hour last night. While I didn't get all caught up in all the crying- I was moved by Patti and her daughter.

I wish I'd seen the attempts at breaking through and forcing that "click." I had mine recently but life is sure trying to force me back into old habits lately. Maybe seeing all of those "lessons" would have re-clicked me?

Joanie said...

I hate when they purposely don't lose weight so they can have a big loss the next week. I hope it backfires on Red Team.

Did you see the previews for next week? Someone else pulls that and Bob freaks out! It would be amusing if the person or people who pull that stunt get barred from the gym for the week. That'll teach them!

Yeah, I'm not liking Maria on the white team either. I really thought she was going to go home last night. she's going to be on e of those women who lose despite not doing great workouts (remember Tracey? she kept losing and staying on the ranch).

I'm still liking the green team and the black team. Orange? maybe.

I'll be glad for makeover week. some of those folks are in serious need of haircuts and shaves!

Old Woman said...

Thanks for the update. I missed it last night.

RE: 20 years of Type 2 and denial. I hope you don't mind, but I have a life experience to share with you.

When I was in HS, my mom was diagnosed with Type 2. Only I never knew it until years later - she didnt' tell us and she never changed her eating. She was in what you call denial.

Because of that denial, come this September will mark 5 years w/o her. After 20 years of denial, her body and organs were severely damamged. She lost her sight, her kidneys and liver were failing and her leg muscles had atrphy (spell). The two years prior to her passing were very difficult. It was a roller coaster ride of up and down --- will she make it; is this it? The bottom line was that she lost her battle way before she could/should have. She was very young. I lost my mother and my kids lost the opportunity of their enjoying their grandmother.

If I've learned anything during that time -- its that diabetes of any type is a silent killer. You may not show daily symptoms - but its there damaging you internally.

Please take this opportunity you have to make the change today. It really could mean the difference of living till your 80 or dying when your 55 or 60.

stewbert said...

re: the pink team: I was thinking the same thing about Helen and her daughter, and last season's pink contestants (Amanda?). I think they intentionally put similarly colored people (I'm talking blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin) in the same colored shirts. Purple reminded me of crazy lady (Tracey?) not because of their actions but their coloring.

Joanne said...

Amy - well for only watching half-hearted you did a good job. You caught more than I did but I tend to speed through some parts.

Maria I wished wished that whiner had gone last night. Oh I am afraid of water - so lets run into concrete - stupid cow!! Why do these people apply for things when they have deathly fears? I don't have anything that scares me that much - I have fears but nothing paralyzing. Stupid cow and Melissa -- I wish they had something that if you win immunity and gain your immunity is null and void.

I kept thinking - here we go again its the game not weight loss. Geesh!!!!

Jenny McB said...

Funny, I felt the same way last night and spent most of my time on the internet on my laptop.
Joanne's right, why do people join up for these shows with such fears?
Thank you for the update.

Michelle said...

Maria may be a whiner, but her time in the pool with Jillian was a nice image. I was glad it portrayed Jillian as a positive supportive trainer rather than just a yelling screaming one. I mean, we can all agree, something had to be done, right? When you fear something so much that you hurt yourself avoiding it, something has to make you face that fear! I think they may pick some contestants that have fears so they can show that. The application included a section on it.

So far, I'm kinda meh on pink and purple, don't like the wife on red, and everyone else I can cheer for. We'll see if that attitude can stay. I prefer liking everyone but sometimes (Vicki, Tracey) you just can't.

Marine Wife said...

I've been doing Jillian's 30-day Shred with my hubby. At one point, as we're doing jumping jacks she says if we're looking for a modification there isn't one. She has 400 lb people doing them so she knows we can do it. Gee there's an ego boost! Just as I think I'm dying, I realize she puts those much bigger people thru much much worse!