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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feeling funky

Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel like you're in a funk? That's me today.

I'm not sure where it came from. Yesterday was a pretty good day -- lots of Go Red for Women fun stuff (clothes, makeup, working out with Kyle) and a much-needed evening in with girlfriends. Plus, today is the first sunny day we've had in a while.

Yet, I'm still feeling out of sorts and a bit like I might cry. Let's examine the anatomy of a funk:
  • Husband recently downsized and the reality of that sinking in.
  • Cat needing sudden and not inexpensive surgery (Is it bad that I was weighing whether or not we should pay for the procedure or go for the cheaper, more final route?)
  • House a crazy mess and activities every night of the week that are keeping us from getting a handle on it.
  • Collision of the pressure of wanting/needing to lose 10 more pounds before the Go Red for Women luncheon in 4 weeks and the feeling that I'm losing steam in doing the things I need to do to get me there.
  • A good friend's baby and a teacher's spouse both critically ill.
Can I just stop here and scream for a minute?!


Ok. So what can I do about it?
  • Pray. (Check!)
  • Eat something. (Not advisable in light of the 4th point above, but I can't seem to shake the feeling that French fries might help.)
  • Blog. (That always seems to help.)
  • Go to the gym. (Headed there soon.)
  • Hope that tomorrow is a better day.
How do you handle those funky days?


varangianguard said...

Hey! You do look thinner!

For the rest? I hear ya.

Sharon said...

I blog and post on the message boards, as you know.
I think you will also feel better after working out. I always do, as it seems to clear my head.

You certainly have enough going on to be stressed about. Any chance of cutting down on some of the evening activities?

I think cats are evil, so I think it's a wonderful thing to consider the alternative. ;)

I sure hope your funk passes soon. I had a day like that recently, too, and it stinks. A lot of sleep and a LONG hot shower really did help, though. And brining out some old prayer books I hadn't used in too long.

babybeezymom said...

I cry, take a bath.....I've been in a funk as well. Lets just blame it on the weather.

Cat said...

Sometimes I drive around and listen to sad music, sometimes I take a shower, lots of times I eat. Go with what usually works for you, and I hope this funk goes away soon. I'm really sorry to hear about your husband, I know that must be stressful.

Michelle said...

Been there too often. And eaten too often. Hang in there, like the frog on your blog logo. ((hugs))

Momza said...

Blah days....common for me in I try to get enough rest, buy something that I need just for me,
invite friends over for dinner and games--that forces me to clean up PLUS it's fun! And sometimes, I just zone out.

Hang in there!

Shelley said...

Sorry about the illnesses. :>(

Congrats for not eating the french fries (I read the newer posts first.)

That is such a cute picture of you, even with the scream.