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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Biggest Loser: Sorry

Ugh! Both the cable boxes were on the fritz tonight and Mike wasn't home, so I couldn't go anywhere to watch the Biggest Loser. (Do they show it on TV at the bars like they do big games?)

For a decent -- though not as colorful and interesting as I would have done -- recap, click here.

Then come back here and let me just say, based on the recap:
  • I felt so bad (even just reading about it) that the Blue team had to come back and leave right again. Why couldn't the producers have pulled some big surprise and let them both stay?
  • Along those lines, it would have been nice to let O'Neal give his spot to Vicki, as he said he wished he might. Maybe next season BL will be more into charitable play?
  • If Bob really believes Melissa wasn't game playing, I'd say Dr. H. needs to examine his head. Hellooooo? Can you really be that dumb? It's spelled M-A-N-I-P-U-L-A-T-I-O-N. I know, my 6-year-old is a pro.
  • Just the mere mention of the name "Daris" in the recap is enough to make me pray for a speedy transport to makeover week so they can cut off that mop on his head.
  • They mentioned Super Bowl week. Please tell me they were giving Peyton Manning and my Colts some love?!
  • I wonder if anyone was standing over Miggy in that ambulance saying "Don't cry!"
  • Ugh! I am really, really upset that they would let Miggy come back and exercise the way she was -- 13 miles the first day back after surgery? Does that seem safe to you? Maybe I'm just a wimp and would totally use an appendectomy -- or an eyebrow wax -- as an excuse to lay on the couch for at least a few days.
  • One can only hope that they removed some of Miggy's attitude along with her appendix.
  • I'm sad that John went home, but it sounds like things are going well for him. Still, he was a nice even-keeled presence in the house. I hope he and his brother tear it up in the at-home challenge.
Thanks for indulging my crappy recap this week. Next week, I'm on it -- PROMISE.


Biggest Loser fan said...

Amy, I agree with you about AT&T epic fail; 8 hours n hold on phone to get net set up and 8 more to make them give me the rebates they promised and never delivered. Thank's for writing the recap, I know it stinks that your cable failed but I have been faithfully checking your blog cause I get my recap (I dn't have TV atm and watch on the NBC site.) Red team has to go, I cannot stand Melissa. I however disagree about Daris, I really like the hair :P

Joanne said...

Well Amy even though you didn't see it you pretty much covered it.
*snickers* over Daris' makeover - please please let him make it that far.

Having had my appendix out many many years ago I was unable to even walk downstairs 6 days later let alone 13 miles - stupid in my opinion. What message are they sending the world. Guess that's one way to handle population growth (ok being snarky now)

Joanne said...

Oh and one thing you did miss which disappointed me was the sore loser attitude of the gray team. They lost the challenge against Mike (yay Mike - dayum that boy can be funny - when he isn't whining). As much as I adore the gray team their attitude "stunk"

And because this was recorded loooong before SuperBowl was finalized - no your fabulous Peyton was not mentioned.

PS I live with the greatest Colts Fan in Canada - I even mentioned cheering with him for his Colts in our wedding vows.

Lisa said...

By the way Amy. love your FAB new photo in red!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I gotta agree on the walking 13, 18, and then 14 miles right after surgery. Crazy and seems highly unsafe.

Jenny McB said...

That whole walking the day after surgery seems strange, unless they did it as a lapaproscopy, small incision like tying your tubes...
But remember, there's editing involved, so who really knows.

Speaking of editing, I am beginning to like Michael, he's coming into his own and seems like a nice guy. At least the show last night was a little more physical than psycho dramas.

LOL and the product placements are becoming more painful to watch!

Amy said...

@Joanne - I LOVE your Colts-lovin' hubby and think you must be the best wife in the world to include them in your wedding vows.

@JennyMcB - Had to chime in about product placement. They are annoying, but do you know I was at work yesterday jonesing for something sweet. I remembered I had some gum in my drawer and thought "Bob's right, this Extra sugar free gum is good for taking the edge off a sweet tooth!" LOL!

Joanie said...

I recorded the show on my DVR and sort of switched back and forth with Lost, but I haven't had a chance to really see the show. I know the basics, but I missed the details.
I did notice that Miggy might finally have that chip off her shoulder?

Anyway, I'll be back with my 2 cents when I watch the show.

Joanie said...

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that, when I was 14 (40 years ago!!! way back in 1970), I had my appendix out (actually, I had a cyst on my right ovary and they took my appendix too). I was in the hospital for 8 days and was out of school a total of 3 weeks!

Amy said...

@Joanie - I had my appendix out when I was 16. Three days in the hospital and two weeks out of school. Oh, how things have changed, huh?