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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fly by Fragments

Does anyone else feel like this week has just flown by? Why is it that some weeks drag on and by Tuesday you feel like it should be Friday and others seem like the days are passing in a millisecond? Guess if I had the answer to that, I'd be some Nobel Prize winning physicist or something smart like that.

Mommy's Idea

What I do have is fragments and a link to Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments. Those little bits and pieces of thought that are taking up space in my head, put out here for you to enjoy and me to finally put to rest.

Heading back to work after a week off was a good thing. I really like the people I work with and generally like the work I do. Plus, I can only take so much iCarly and South Africa FIFA soccer on the PS3.

The dog is good. So far, it was a good decision. She and Robbie are having a great time playing tug of war. She loves to play and it's good, deep sensory input for him.

I don't normally work on Fridays, but I had to go into the office today because we're hosting a big conference and my boss asked if I could put all the speakers' presentations into one continuous PowerPoint. I did it yesterday just fine.

This morning, there were no technical difficulties. But there were three speakers who came in later than expected, who were having a heyday chatting it up with each other and who decided to change their slides at the last minute. I didn't really feel like I could be too pushy because I'm just a girl with a bachelor's in journalism and these folks are all PhDs, well known in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation. One of them was a neuroscientist for crying out loud!

Nothing to get your heart pumping like trying to merge 4 presentations into one, save it on the flash drive, run it backstage and save it to the computer attached to the projector all while introductions are already taking place!

Friday night is Family Movie Night at our house. Tonight, instead of a movie, I want to watch the episode of Wipeout I recorded earlier in the week. I don't know why, but I love that show! Maybe that's what I should do for my 40th birthday -- try to get on Wipeout.

I think that's all I've got for today. Hope it's a great weekend for everyone!


Rebecca Cameron said...

Love the "fragments," Amy. Strangely enough, my post for today is similar in style. Funny. By the way, I referenced you in my blog and posted a link to your site. Not that I have a long list of followers, but still...
Have a great weekend! :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

We watch Wipeout, too. Jeff LOVES it. In fact, I've had to institute a rule- no eating or drinking during Wipeout because he has almost died several times on chip or cracker crumbs, Dr Pepper, or a Nestle Crunch due to the insane amount of sudden laughter that bubbles forth.

Sharon said...

Go on Wipeout!!! Heck yes!!!
We want my hubby to apply. My 6yo loves it.
Enjoy your weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

My hubby signed up for Wipeout Canada. He never got a call-back. :( He would have loved it and I truly believe he would have won too!

Toronto, ON

Shell said...

LOL Wouldn't it be fun to be on that show?

Carolee said...

Hmmmm never seen Wipeout!

Isn't it great when you have a day with no tech problems?

Visiting from Friday Frags

4 Lettre Words said...

Glad the pup is adjusting! I have doggy-fever right now, so I couldn't look long. :o)

Hope you guys had a great Movie Night!!