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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What would you do for $5

The other day I was looking for information on buying a netbook, so I went to my favorite tech-head, Mr. Noobie. After I found the netbook stuff I was after, I clicked a few links on the Noobie website and found myself at

Basically, is a service exchange website. People post what they'll do for $5. Other people come along and buy the service. The Fiverr people keep $1 and $4 goes to the seller.

So what will people do for $5?
  • Give insider travel advice for San Francisco (offered by a local)
  • Fire someone over the phone
  • Fix your Wordpress blog issue
  • Photoshop a picture
  • Answer one psychic question
  • Secret shop customer service employees (via phone)
  • Design a t-shirt
  • Give an honest review of your music
Some of the offers are things that I would definitely pass on. Like "I will build a business plan for you for $5." With a $5 business plan in hand, I would hope you have a Plan B. Same goes for the design of a $5 corporate logo. There are plenty of offers for linking to your blog or getting you Twitter followers, but those are things I wouldn't do. I think those are things you should earn.

For those desperate enough, there are offers such as "I will pray for you every night for one month for $5" and "I will marry you and love you for $5." (Ladies, he's 29 and living in Israel, if you're interested.)

There were a few things that I might be tempted to spend $5 on -- if I money to burn, which I don't. They include:
  • I will sing "Happy Birthday" to anyone of your choice and put the video on YouTube. (What better gift for the person who has everything?)
  • I will interpret your dream.
  • I will change my Facebook status to say anything.
Then I got to thinking about what I could offer. Here's what I came up with:
  • I will write your family Christmas letter for $5.
  • I will give you a list of 5 gift ideas for a hard-to-shop-for person for $5.
  • I will make you a funky yarn scarf (no knitting or crocheting involved) for $5.
  • I will name your dog or cat for $5 (I might charge $10 or $15 to name a kid).
  • I will create a custom word cloud for $5.
  • I make three magnetic bookmarks for $5.
It was really hard to come up with what I would do for $5-- and I don't have any intention of posting any of the services on the site.

How about you? What would you do for $5?


Ange said...

I totally love the Happy Birthday on You Tube idea. But now I know it, I'd probably cut out the middle person and do it myself - maybe in Japanese too (I'd probably have to pay my son a fiver to interpret first)

Annie said...

i would go to school lol. thts how much i luv school!

Anonymous said...

ha ha! love this post. hmm...i really have to think about what i would do for $5.

toronto, on

Beth Zimmerman said...

I don't know but I may remember this and hire you in December!

Amy said...

Beth, do you bake? I'll swap a Christmas letter for Christmas cookies!

Amy said...

@Ange - That was my problem coming up with what I would do for $5. I kept thinking "people could do that themselves."

Momza said...

hmmm I would drive someone's carpool for one day.
I would make someone's bed for one day.
I would clean the kitchen after dinner.
I would paint someone's toenails.
I would drive someone's car thru a carwash.
I would stand in line at the DMV for 30 minutes or sit ON HOLD with the cable company for 30 minutes for someone else...
all for five bucks.
How's that?

wv: hosope: What's in Lindsay Lohan's shower. Ho Soap