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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Frags: Feelin' Fine

Mommy's Idea

Goooooooooood Morning Froggy Friends! (said in my best Adrian Cronauer voice...hmmm, wait while I go add "Good Morning Vietnam" to my Netflix queue...) It's Friday and I am feeling F-I-N-E! So good in fact that I'm going to link this post up to Friday Frags and Feel Good Friday, just to mix it up a bit.


While I've really enjoyed my week off work, I had a meeting this morning that reminded me how much I like working, too. I'm so glad I can work part-time and have the best of both worlds.


Have you ever had the experience of one person doing something simple that brings a smile to your face? It's happened to me twice this week. The first was the guy at the ice cream counter in Kringle's Kafe at Holiday World. I asked him if he could give us a single dip cone, but with two flavors on it. He said sure. (These are the biggest single dip cones I've ever seen.) That's not what made me smile. What did it was him asking if it mattered which flavor went on the cone first. If you are a.) an ice cream aficionado or b.) a parent of a child whose ever had a meltdown over the fact that the chocolate ice cream was not on top of the cookie dough ice cream, you would smile at that question, too.

The second person to make me smile was a lady cleaning tables at the Central Library this morning. I said hello and asked how she was, to which she replied "Comme ci, comme ca." I recognized this from my high school French class, but I couldn't recall exactly what it meant. She sensed this and told me "that means so-so." Then we had nice, but brief, conversation about languages and her home on the Panama Canal. It was just such a friendly, and unexpected, exchange that I had to smile.

Quoteables In The Blog World

When I opened my e-mail this morning, I had a note from the blog Quoteables in the Blog World alerting me that I'd been quoted. The honored snippet was "One piece of anatomy I didn't need help locating was my right ovary -- because I'm pretty sure I dislodged it trying to do a move that should only be reserved for professional members of Cirq de Soleil," which came from my Namaste post. I did notice that most of the "quoteables" were a little risque in nature. I didn't dig back to see if they are always that way or if the Qoddess was going for a theme this week. But you can submit funny quoteables if you find some that should be shared.


Yesterday, one of my children said something that made me sad and proud at the same moment. I can't say who or where, but let me just say that it's good to know that even in the process of messing our kids up, sometimes we can do something right and take small comfort in that.


Tomorrow my sisters and I are taking our mom out for her Mother's Day gift. Can you believe she's never had a pedicure in her almost 62 years? So it's pedis and lunch and maybe a movie. My feet and my I've-spent-all-week-with-the-kids psyche are smiling already.

Hope your Friday is leaving you feeling F-I-N-E, too!


Eternal Lizdom said...

I just love the upbeat tone of your post!! Lots of good stuff going on and, best of all, being able to recognize the good stuff is truly a blessing!

Thanks for linking up for FGF!!

Anonymous said...

I loved your ice cream server's question! It's not often that people think of those little details.

Coby said...

THat was probably the best ice cream server ever! What a great detail to think of! Did you tip him? ;-)

Paula Werne, Holiday World said... tipping at Holiday World. :0) We really try to be service oriented and kind -- thanks for sharing your story!

Michelle said...

"let me just say that it's good to know that even in the process of messing our kids up, sometimes we can do something right and take small comfort in that."
Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

Those were some really great things to feel good about! Thank you for participating.