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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fragging with the lights on

Mommy's Idea

Hey folks! This week's Friday Fragments is being put together from my bed at 11:10pm, where I am laying (lying? I can never keep it straight) with the lights on. Not because I want them on, but because I am sharing the bed with two boys who are both afraid. Charlie heard an Amber Alert* on the radio and that "freaked me out a lot, Mom." Robbie watched a cartoon of Batman vs. Dracula and is now convinced that we can't turn the lights off or a vampire will come get us. I would go sleep in one of their rooms, but every time I get off the bed, one of them wakes up and asks in a near panic where I am going. (*The kid has been found safe and sound.)

First off, I can't thank Mrs. 4444s enough for giving me the "Favorite Friday Fragmenter" for last week. Being a people-pleasing first-born, getting this little button was like winning (a small) lottery:


In less than 12 hours, my feet should be back on the ground following my flight in a T6 Texan WW II airplane. I hope my stomach follows my feet. I'm really not nervous...yet. I plan to eat something very light 3-4 hours before the flight; keep a picture of my family in one pocket and my rosary beads in another; and warn the pilot that under extreme speed and the influence of aerial acrobatics, I cannot be held responsible for what escapes my mouth -- in the form of colorful language or other, er, stuff.

In "Mother-of-the-Year" award news, Charlie is supposed to be having a birthday party on Sunday. Guess who forgot to send invitations? I'll be lighting up the e-mails tonight. Please don't tell Miss Manners (or Charlie).

I've mentioned before that I love Sara's whimsical style. Today on her blog, she posted a picture of a yummy looking watermelon cake. I was totally with her -- until she gave the recipe and revealed that the frosting is made with Cool Whip. I don't do whipped cream icing. Buttercream or bust, baby! Guess it's a good thing she didn't invite me to have any. I would hate to be rude and decline.

Robbie asked me today how many more days until school starts. (He's so excited to be in the 1st grade.) I counted -- 43 days. I don't know whether to cheer or cry.

I took the kids to the pool this week. I don't know if it's because it was 4th of July week and everyone is on vacation or if it was just too hot for sane people to be outside, but there was hardly anyone there. We had so much fun -- I even went on the water slides! (Guess I'm getting daring as I push 40.) Imagine my surprise when Nancy at Away We Go captured exactly how I felt about the time at the pool with my kids.

Have a great weekend! Check back here for all the details of my Amelia Earhart impersonation. Or click on over to my Facebook page for an up-to-the-minute account of the adventure. My friends made me promise not to Facebook from the plane. I said ok...mostly because I'm not sure I can get internet access from up there.


Mrs4444 said...

Why not? It's not like you're flying the plane!!haha

I loved your links. The cake made my mouth water, and the Away We Go post was a wonderful treat. Thank you.

I also loved your sweet little description of your boys in bed with you. You're a sweet mommy.

Have a great party!!!

varangianguard said...

T-6?!? That's just a trainer. C'mon. ;)

Still, maybe you should ask the pilot if he/she'll do an Immelmann, a Cuban Eight and a Scissors with you?

I'd swear you wrote that you were offered a ride by the Air Force Thunderbirds.

What was I thinking? lol

Karen and Gerard said...

That's great you had fun on the water slides since it wasn't crowded. I remember going to Cedar Point on July 4 one year and was surprised it wasn't as crowded as usual on that day.

Visiting from Friday Fragments.

4 Lettre Words said...

Congrats on your winning frag! And, I hope Charlie celebrates on Sunday with a ton of friends!

P.S. Small world...we live in Legacy Park, too. :o)

LAC said...

Forgetting the invites sounds exactly like something I would do. It's been that kind of week. Great FF, congrats on winning last weeks favorite.

Have a great weekend.

MrsSki said...

I am a butter cream or bust type of gal myself! I mean I'll eat cake with whipped icing...because it's cake...but I prefer the deliciousness of butter cream.

At least you didn't forget that the party is on Sunday!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Melani said...

This entire post was so funny!

Hope the party turns out well and I love going swimming with the kids.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I was just talking today with a woman who makes cakes and she was saying that she loves buttercream frosting and unless she's forced, she won't make a cake with fondant because it just doesn't taste good. (I know you said whipped cream, but... It was so close!)

Hope you enjoyed the ride in the WWII plane - wow, my husband would have loved it.

Congrats on the Fav. FF award, it was great sharing it with you!

Kristin - The Goat